Communists scream “Nazi” at Jew; Media covers up


On this Sunday past about 150 Communists and Anarchists lined up in the centre of Melbourne to scream “Nazi” at a decidedly dusky Jewish man wearing a kippah while protesting bail laws.

Yup, that actually happened.

Marvellous Melbourne strikes again.

On their way to scream nonsensical obscenities, one black-clad leftist was arrested for refusing to remove a face mask. Another was arrested after trampling a garden in order to attack a photographer from Australian Associated press, and then spat on a reporter from the Herald Sun as she was led away. Yet more black hoodie-wearing “revolutionaries” attacked a teenager for the heinous offense of carrying an Australian flag in Australia [Melbourne still counts as Australia, I checked].

At their rally the leftists waved placards bearing the names of well-known extremist organisations. They proudly waved flags of at least two different Communist regimes. They screamed with spittle flecked hate at a peaceful assembly listening to victims of violent crime explain their support for sentencing reform.

After all this behaviour, and considering the fact that members of the media were amongst those physically attacked by the crowd of unwashed feral degenerates, the brave voices of the Fourth estate wasted no time in denouncing these violent extremists for what they are, naming and shaming the groups behind them and exposing their links to more mainstream organisations.

Just kidding, of course they didn’t.

Sky News, SBS, Newscorp, nightly commercial news and Fairfax all managed to report on a rally organised by the most violent political extremist groups in Australian society without ever identifying exactly who these extremist groups were.

Some of the same journalists had no compunction in naming the groups printed on every shirt or hoodie in the right-wing protest, but somehow failed to notice that the Anarchists and Communists on the other side were, well… Anarchists and Communists.

Hannah Moore at the Daily Mail even described the mob as “protesting racism and facism” [yes she misspelled “Fascism”] and called the arrest of the man who refused to remove his mask “Brutal”.

Kieren Bennett, from Kieren’s Review.

For crying out loud, it took the damn ABC to point out that pretty much the only CARF organiser speaking to the press on the day was the slovenly, double chinned, self-described Anarchist Kieran Bennett. Poor Kieran is one who hasn’t been served well by the Victorian mask ban it must be said.

The frustration is intensifying as we see the media again and again seemingly do its deliberate best to cover up just exactly who these extremists are.

In the lead up to the rally when Ebony Bowden of Fairfax interviewed “Campaign Against Racism and Fascism” spokeswoman Vashti Kenway on the 13th of September and allowed her to spruik the leftist cause, while calling Avi Yemini a Neo Nazi, she didn’t even bother to search Ms Kenway’s background.

Vashti is a prominent organiser for Socialist Alternative, the largest and most violent Communist group in Australia today.

Vashti Kenway, from Youtube.

Not two days before she spoke to Ebony, Kenway had published an article in the official Socialist Alternative magazine calling on far left-wing extremist activists to emulate the 1977 Battle of Lewisham in Britain. Vashti was returning to a theme she had first elaborated while a speaker at the Socialist Alternative national conference Marxism 2017 in April.

For those unfamiliar with the mythology of the far-left, the Battle of Lewisham occurred when a mob of thousands of Anarchists, Communists and other assorted dregs attacked right-wing protesters and police with bricks, smoke bombs, bottles and pieces of wood. The violence on that occasion left 56 police injured with 11 hospitalised, shops looted and vehicles set on fire. The leftist attacks against the police were so aggressive that one police van under a hail of projectiles crashed into a railway bridge and its occupants had to be rescued via baton charge before the leftist thugs could drag them out onto the street.

That’s what Vashti is advocating should be done in relation to “Fascists” like Avi Yemini and home invasion victims who complain too loudly about criminals flouting the law.

This is the same Vashti Kenway who helped organise a violent protest in Melbourne’s QV district attempting to blockade an outlet of the Israeli-linked chocolate shop Max Brenner. She is a leading member of the same extremist Socialist Alternative that has repeatedly physically attacked and intimidated Jews on university campuses for expressing pro-Israel opinions.

All of these facts might have been considered newsworthy had Ebony Bowden been even slightly interested in doing her job.

At this point the Media’s deliberate blindness is getting so ridiculous that a Federal MP, Craig Kelly had to take to Facebook to politely ask:

“Would the media please stop referring to these violent fascists as “anti-fascists”. Those wearing face-masks, assaulting reporters and photographers as they use violence to try and stop other protesters are nothing other than fascists. To falsely label these fascists as “anti-fascists” only gives them creditability and legitimises their use of violence.”

His point is well made.

These people are allowed to continue their violence and thuggery towards anyone who declines to sign on to their totalitarian dream because the media refuses to point out who they are and what they believe. Until enough pressure is applied to these media outlets to name and shame these groups the violence and intimidation they commit will continue.

There are good signs, green shoots. Some media figures are beginning to wake up to the fact that these people are not well meaning hippies campaigning for peace and love. The ludicrous coverage of Sundays’ rally by commercial television stations and newspapers alike created a massive backlash on social media with thousands upon thousands of comments from average Australians ridiculing the journalists involved.

The potential is there. These thugs have gotten away with their bullying for so long that they can’t imagine anything could ever change. But the more their true views are exposed, the more average left of centre journalists will feel able to distance themselves next time the extreme-left shoots itself in the foot.

Positive change is possible. We can live in a world where right-wingers can hold a meeting in our own country without having to fear violence towards attendees and intimidation towards venues. Most of the average mainstream left-of-centre people in Australia feel just as disgusted by these Australia-hating, bile-spitting monsters as we do.

The media lets them disguise themselves in nice words and cloak themselves in bromides. We need to drag them kicking and screaming out into the light, and we need to keep the pressure on the lazy, incompetent and biased members of our media “elite” until they do likewise.