7 leftist extremists the media lied to you about


Time and time again Journalists in Australia cover up for the far left. Over and over they fail to do even the most basic research when reporting on the most radical and violent political extremists in our country today.

Here at XYZ we have done our part in exposing the lies journalists tell to cover up the radical extremists that work amongst us.

We have shown that the people the media call “anti-racists” are hate-filled, flag-burning lunatics.

We have shown that a radical extreme-left activist can bring a High court case alongside two Australian Senators on the most important political issue of the day without any journalist bothering to point out her radical past.

We have shown that Communist groups can organise physical attacks on church parishioners without anyone in the fourth estate even bothering to condemn them, let alone try and find out who they are.

We have shown that almost every street level organiser for the Gay marriage protests occurring in every major city in Australia just happen to be members of the same revolutionary Marxist groups, who believe marriage to be a form of Capitalist oppression which must be destroyed, and that almost no mainstream reporter considers this fact newsworthy.

We’ve shown that the Queensland Government is able to give almost half a million dollars to an extreme left wing activist to police online political speech without much more than a whimper from anyone.

We’ve even shown that the far left extremists can form a mob screaming ‘Nazi” at a Jew wearing a kippah on the steps of the Victorian parliament without their extremist links being exposed by the compliant scribblers supposedly covering them.

And that’s not even mentioning the continued subdued tone most of the press has adopted on the almost comical extremism that lurks within the Australian Greens.

But we’re just getting started here, however bad you thought the situation was, it’s so, so much worse than that.

Here are seven more times the media has covered up or just outright lied to you about leftist extremists.

1. Jerome Small

Jerome Small, Socialist Alternative. From MyApologetics.

In July 2015 Reclaim Australia tried to hold a rally in Melbourne. Hundreds of leftists showed up throwing bottles and punching and kicking both police and rally attendees. The BBC in its reporting described “Campaign Against Racism and Fascism” spokesperson Jerome Small as an “Anti-Racist campaigner”.

In October 2015 there was a protest against a proposed Mosque in the Victorian regional city of Bendigo. Mr Small was there again leading a mob that tried to break through police lines to attack the demonstrators. The International Business Times described the violent thugs of CARF again led by Jerome as “pro-diversity demonstrators”.

So who is Jerome Small?

Turns out he’s the Socialist Alternative “Industrial organiser” and was a featured speaker at their 2017 conference. In fact, he’s been an activist for the extremist group for so long that he even wrote an article gloating about how SAlt used violence and intimidation to shut down One Nation meetings in Melbourne back in the 90s.

2. Omar Hassan

Omar Hassan, Socialist Alternative. From Alamy.

In November 2015 a number of Reclaim Australia events were held around the country. In Sydney a young man named Omar Hassan led a rally against the Reclaimers that ended in a violent charge of hundreds of screeching leftists crashing into police lines.

Sydney Morning Herald described Omar as an “Anti-racism organiser”, so did the International Business Times, and the Herald Sun called him a “Demonstration organiser”.

Turns out amazingly enough, Mr Hassan is a prominent Sydney organiser for Socialist Alternative! Apparently he’s a bit of a rising star in the organisation, having been a member now for over ten years. His comrades in the rival Socialist Alliance were a bit upset at him leading them into a violent charge into police lines and wrote an open letter, co-signed by prominent Greens organisers, complaining that the attack was bad optics and hadn’t been a part of the original plan.

3. Miranda Wood


Miranda Wood, Socialist Alternative. From OutInPerth.

ABC calls Miranda Wood an “anti-racism organiser”, PerthNow calls her an “Anti-racism campaigner”, and WAToday calls her a ”spokesperson for the United Against Bigotry and Racism” group. Curtin University called her the Education vice president at Curtin University Student Guild. Socialist Alternative calls her a valued member and contributor to their “Red Flag” Magazine. She also happens to be another organiser for Gay marriage outfit Equal Love; wonders indeed will never cease.

4. Alexis Vassiley

Alexis Vassiley, Socialist Alternative. From LinkedIn.

The “United Against Bigotry and Racism” group in Perth sure is an interesting organisation; they were the ones who threatened to shut down any venue that tried to host Geert Wilders on his Australian visit, and caused several to cancel on the Dutch firebrand. They also organised the attempted blockade of a Pauline Hanson pub event during the recent WA state elections.

Alexis Vassiley is another organiser of UABAR. He was the motive force behind an anti-Reclaim Australia rally in Perth and was the Education Policy Officer of Curtin University Student Guild. The ABC was kind enough to describe Alexis as an anti-racism organiser and quoted him stating “Reclaim Australia is Islamaphobic and they are also fascists so it’s important that they’re exposed”.

After reading the ABC article I was tempted to agree with Alexis that extremists should be exposed, but wouldn’t you know, it turns out he’s a Socialist Alternative extremist as well! In fact he’s been around long enough to have been mentioned favourably in Green Left Weekly for organising Marxist protests against John Howard. I wonder why the ABC didn’t mention that part?

5. Sam Cavallaro

Sam Cavallaro, Socialist Alternative. From OutInPerth.

Speaking of both UABAR and the Equal Love organisation, it seems Sam Cavallaro is an activist in both organisations, a former president of the Curtain University Student Guild, and associate of both Alexis Vassiley and Miranda Wood. Poor Sam caused a bit of a stir when he used his positions to transfer hundreds of dollars in funds donated by the gay community towards the cause of gay marriage to UABAR instead. His excuse for taking the money was that Reclaim Australia “openly promotes Hitler”.

Sadly the Out In Perth reporters who caught this story neglected to mention that Sam, much like almost everyone else in the Equal Love organisation, is also a Socialist Alternative member.

6. Priya De

Lest we get too focussed on Perth, let’s shoot across to Brisbane where in late August of this year, Pauline Hanson and One Nation held their AGM. Of course, Anti-One Nation protesters stormed the lobby of the hotel where party delegates were staying, and attacked police when they were asked to leave.

The Courier Mail described Priya De, a spokesperson for this violent mob as a “Protest organiser”. Which is interesting, since yet again the evil right-wing Murdoch press deemed it un-newsworthy to mention that yet another violent protester trying to shut down views she disagrees with is an organiser for Socialist Alternative.

I think we need to talk to old Rupert at the next evil right-wing conspiracy meeting, his people are letting the team down.

7. Carl Jackson

But Priya wasn’t the only organiser the media quoted out of the mob of violent, deranged thugs trying to shut down a hotel that day. The Sydney Morning Herald quoted “protest organiser” Carl Jackson blaming Senator Hanson for “emboldening and fuelling the growth of far-right, white supremacist and even neo-Nazi groups right here in Brisbane”. News.com [again from the evil right wing Murdoch press] also referred to Carl as a “protest organiser”, as did SBS.

Turns out Carl has a bit of a grudge against Pauline. Back in June of last year when Hanson was launching her successful campaign for Senate, Carl led a group of fifty who tried to smash through a police line to disrupt her event, while screaming obscenities at any guest that dared to show their face. SBS called him a “protester” back then too, as did Channel 9.

If you’ve made it this far into the piece it probably won’t shock you to learn that Carl Jackson also happens to be a Socialist Alternative activist.

Imagine that.

Almost like a pattern.

Why this matters

In their statement of principles Socialist Alternative calls for violent revolution to overthrow the Australian state. They call for the destruction of the Australian parliaments, courts, the armed forces and police. They openly call for civil war to impose totalitarian Marxism. They wish to use this totalitarian state to abolish freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, freedom of the press, our constitution, our flag, our borders and the very concept of the nation state of Australia.

It’s definitely fair to call them extremists. It’s probably fair to call them dangerous lunatics.

To achieve these mad goals they attack anyone to their right. They intimidate venues and business owners, blockade meetings with which they disagree, and physically attack both police and anyone who opposes their insane view of the world.

They are able to get away with this and advance towards their nightmarish aims because the journalists in Australia never call them out for the violent, thuggish, extremist nutcases they are.

So readers it’s up to us. Remember the names of the people above and next time they show their faces and get soft-soaped by the lazy, scribbling, half asleep incompetents that make up the majority of our mainstream media, scream to high heaven.

Always remember, if we don’t put pressure on the press to expose these scum for what they really are, no one else will.

If you’re reading this, your country needs you, it’s time to do your part. If you can write for XYZ, do so. If you don’t have the time or don’t feel up to the challenge, help fund XYZ here.