The Taqiyya of Tinseltown


“Not to get political, but something that we all gravitated toward in the writers room was making this character Muslim.”

If Hollywood were a religion of peace, this would be an example of Taqiyya. A lie intended to further their agenda. It was uttered by a television executive recently in an interview with Variety without any sense of shame or self awareness whatsoever. These people are like alcoholics. They’ll never admit they have a problem.

Nothing that they do or say politically is ever delivered with the caveat that they might be influenced by at least a decent degree of political bias most of the time, and a fanatical fundamentalist adherence to left-wing doctrine the rest of the time.

None of their conclusions or beliefs are ever acknowledged as being politically motivated. Never. Merely as the enlightened opinions of enlightened people. Curiously, every one of these enlightened opinions of enlightened people; every last brain fart of any flaky actress, or thought bubble from a screenwriter, coincidentally aligns perfectly within the extremely narrow parameters of post-modernist groupthink.

Funny that. Not a single deviation. Not a one. It’s a safe bet that anyone aping Johnny Carson’s Carnac the Magnificent could ask just one political question of any Hollywood flunky, and from that single answer could correctly predict their opinion on 99 other political topics with a hundred percent success rate.

Imagine just for a second if a Hollywood personality said: “Hey, not to get political, but the economy seems more prosperous under Trump than Obama”. Even something that innocuous. Would that ever fly? Would it ever get a pass as being apolitical in any realm of reality? Not only would they be called out as Republican, but blacklisted as well unless they enjoyed a hefty dose of star power.

These people are not apolitical. Nor are they unbeholden to a political agenda regardless of their claims of ‘hey, I’m not getting political’. More disturbing is that while many of these Hollywood types are blatantly lying, practicing a kind of Hollywood Taqiyya as it were, many more are simply so thoroughly indoctrinated that they legitimately think that their views and willingness to subject others to them come from a place of decency rather than from a toxic and invasive culture of champagne socialism.

Nobody across the political spectrum would buy into the delusion that the opinions of Clint Eastwood or James Woods come purely from a place of deduction and reasoning with no political influence whatsoever. Why would anyone in their right mind think that the other 95% of Hollywood who are painfully progressive arrived at their worldview purely through critical thinking?

Don’t buy into the narrative that their very overt political opinions and the overt political indoctrination in their films and television programmes is a kind of dutiful morality and has no political agenda or dog in the fight. Let’s face it, stock and trade of these people is making stuff up. Why would they be honest and allow us to interpret their art and their opinions through the prism that the person making movies or tweeting has an axe to grind?

The average person may well be impressed and influenced by a Hollywood figure expressing concern about Trump’s America. They might make a compelling case if they are viewed as a famous but impartial observer. But the average person would draw a very different conclusion if the Hollywood figure prefaced their comments by saying:

“O.K…full disclosure, I’ve never voted Republican in my life, and every Republican President since Lincoln was literally Hitler!”

Such an honest opinion might make shoehorning a Muslim character into a DC comic series appear cynical, contrived, and insidious as opposed to progressive, inclusive, and tolerant.
Make no mistake, these aren’t the artistic interpretations of open-minded people evaluating the world around them, free of bias as they highlight genuine injustices. If that were the case, we’d have been falling over countless Hollywood dramatisatations about the Lewinsky affair, Obama’s banker bailout, the destabilisation of Libya, the massacre at Benghazi, and the Clinton foundation pillaging of Haiti. But some injustices are never to be spoken of or Tweeted about by these Hollywood gatekeepers of morality.

It is crucial not only to the Hollywood agenda, but to the Cultural Marxist agenda by and large, that proponents are never identified as being aligned on the right (read: left) side politics, but instead as being on the right side of history. It’s high time that we exposed them for what they are. Relentless fifth column socialists dripping with the hypocrisy of a bourgeoise lifestyle.

Don’t allow these people to use their profile to dabble in social engineering while feigning ignorance and innocent impartiality. The Taqiyya of Tinseltown is a scourge on the entertainment industry.

It’s your XYZ.

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