Free speech hypocrisy by internet giants invites more government regulation of the internet


Black Pigeon Speaks is a fearless commentator at the best of times. At the worst of times, he is a shining beacon. Very few people have gone into bat on the side of free speech in the wake of the banishment of The Daily Stormer, run by tongue-in-cheek “white supremacist neo-nazi” Andrew Anglin, from the internet. Yet Black Pigeon makes the point, in essence, that first they came for the white supremacist neo-nazis.

You may argue that I have just contravened Godwin’s Law, and thus lost the argument. But when we are talking about doing things that the national socialists actually did, like media censorship, and comparing it to what media companies controlling 99.9999% of the inrnet are doing right now, like media censorship, then Godwin’s Law doesn’t count.

Anyway, let’s let Black Pigeon, speak:

Now, let’s get meta. People in the government want to control everything, because that’s just what they do. So they fund a movement so vile on the one hand, and SJW’s so easily manipulated on the other, that internet companies are forced to censor the internet. Then free speech advocates realise the gravity of the situation, and realise that the only institution powerful enough to stop multinational corporation inernet companies from stifling free speech is the government, so, in breathtakingly unironic irony, free speech advocates call for more government regulation of the internet.

Now, let’s walk this back. Andrew Anglin is just a guy. A genius, and ripped, but he’s just a guy. The Daily Stormer is not funded by the ADL, the holocaust was actually a thing, and Jason Kessler was just a newly converted alt-righter who lacked the ability to think on his feet. But the point is, Richard Spencer is an idiot if he thinks that more government regulation is going to solve the problem of media companies censoring free speech on the internet.

The whole reason Cultural Marxism exists is to expand the power of the government in order to bring about economic Marxism. You do not fight Cultural Marxism by expanding the power of government.

The end.

I’m sorry Black Pigeon. I hope we never fight again.

Photo by quapan