Breaking the boundaries of civilization


I remember back in the early nineties when as a young man I started copping flack for polite acts of a gentlemanly nature. Allowing a woman to proceed through a door before me; rising from the table when a woman arrived or left; not calling out a woman for being a miserable lying slut when her behavior pointed loosely in that direction.

Actually that last one is obviously inaccurate; women can never be called out for bad morals. That sort of thing is placed under the heading of ‘strong independent woman’ or ‘showing the world who’s boss’ or just ‘you go girrrl – damn!’

The people calling me out for such civilized behavior were the women themselves, and I was too young and inexperienced to be able to throw out lines such as, ‘I’m not holding open the door because you’re a lady. I’m holding it because I’m a gentleman.’

At the time there were many vapid arguments for why it was no longer acceptable to partake in ‘old fashioned’ and ‘outdated’ behavior of this type. Paramount was the fanciful deception that as a culture we had outgrown such boundaries. We were so evolved, so mature, and on such an exalted and worldly plane of existence from our horrendous bottom dwelling forefathers that we had no need of such trivialities as behavior codes. We were above them and an act of a gentlemanly nature thus communicated to a woman that you considered her to be of a backwards nature. Her uncivilized status required the coddling of having doors held open.

The Titanic, from a time when “women and children first” really meant something.

(Experienced and jaded men will at this point roll their eyes and ponder aloud why the act of paying for the entire bill never seemed to fall into this category. Women and children first is another example of ‘old world charme’ that has been strangely retained.)

I received some excellent comments on my article Not all Women are like that, but one in particular stood out, and from a woman no less.

“One interesting thing that we do in the western world is we constantly compare apples to oranges. You have the feminists who are constantly comparing women’s emotional nature to men’s emotional nature, and women’s sexual nature to men’s sexual nature. (That is when they’re not outright denying such things as “men” and “women” and “human nature” altogether.)

“It is more accurate to compare women’s emotional nature to men’s sexual nature. Both left unchecked will rule the person completely and cause them to behave in ways that are uncivilized. Women must control their desire to flip out and overreact to every little thing and men must learn to not give in to the desire to stick it in everything that’s warm and willing.”

The boundaries of civilization were broken for both men and women. The resulting behavior reveals the clear lie in the pathological belief that as a culture and species we had evolved beyond the need for behavioral codes and shaming tactics.

“This is a *major* problem in western culture today: the fact that women are allowed to exercise zero control over our emotions, and not only men but the whole world are expected to bend over backwards to accommodate this fact.”

One example of this is the obesity epidemic. In women it is clearly a result of wallowing in their unchecked emotional nature. It is a physical manifestation of their emotional weakness and their total loss of control. I think the same holds true for obese men. They are overwhelmingly beta in nature, and if you go by Vox Day’s list of men’s social primacy then they are gamma or omega. Such men invariably swallowed the lie that they should get in touch with their feelings, an act of foolishness which precipitated them into emotional servitude with their female counterparts.

Women today are constantly chasing after the illusion of happiness. When I briefly worked in the self help industry 25 years ago the women outnumbered the men by a factor of at least 5 to 1. They dutifully followed the useless advice on offer as they meditated, mantraed, yogaed, and self analyzed their way to continued misery. The only happiness they found was a fleeting high that followed every course in which they participated and every book that they consumed.

But the answer to female happiness is surprisingly simple – get your emotions under control. And the first step to achieving this feat is to admit that you have a problem in the first place.

“And the fact that so many women deny the reality that women are emotional creatures is one of the many reasons they “cannot” control it. (I use parenthesis because it’s not that they *can’t*, it’s that they *choose* not to) It’s like the alcoholic who doesn’t think he has a drinking problem…”I can go out drinking and it’s no big deal! I can have just two beers and be fine!” The problem is they wake up in gutters covered with vomit and they *never* actually have only two beers. Just like women who don’t recognize and acknowledge their own emotional natures, allow said nature to run totally rampant. You can’t fix it if you won’t acknowledge it’s broken.”

The happiest women that I have known in my life all radiate a calm demeanor. To the inexperienced man they may even seem a tad boring. But these are the true strong and independent women, the type that never have to utter such an inane phrase.

The traditional norms and boundaries were the glue that held together our society. The breaking of these rules unleashed an outpouring of feelings and emotions that have swept through our lives like a great wave of polluted flood waters, infested with the debris of all the useless personal feelings that have been cultivated in an almost unending series of hideous errors such as the cult of self esteem.

Rules and responsibilities. Men need them to control their civilization destroying sexual natures. Women need them to control their civilization destroying emotional natures. But apart from the rampant homosexual communities and the awful world of online dating, the majority of our schools, universities, governments, workplaces, and homes are caught up in the curse of emotional dependency and exaggeration.

This outpouring of emotional behavior is all the proof you need that we live very far from any form of a patriarchy. Indeed, it is a matriarchy in which we find ourselves, a feminized world, and it is a civilization destroying disease.

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