Viewer Poll: Is the ABC massively biased to the left, and in breach of its charter?


All that is required to participate in this poll is the power of observation and a half-decent memory. Just for kicks, let us briefly review two of the more notable examples of recent left-wing bias at the ABC.

Last week, The Unshackled reported on the incredulous conversation between ABC’s Barry Cassidy and Raphael Epstein on ABC Radio in Melbourne:

Based Andrew Bolt punching a Communist.

“Their key concern was that Sky News was promoting too many conservative viewpoints with its primetime presenters Andrew Bolt, Paul Murray and Chris Kenny. They of course didn’t like fact they were influencing Coalition policy and rallying the party base to stand up for conservative values.”

Coming from an organisation which is about 95% hardcore Communist, I am not surprised. The inside word is that the ABC is stacked with Holodomor-deniers.

Also of note was their ABC’s hatchet job on domestic violence in the Australian evangelical church, conveniently timed to coincide with the extradition of George Pell to Australia on a trumped-up charge of “sexual assault by someone who isn’t a Marxist or a Minority“. Pell is believed to have declared his love for Big Brother at court today, and promised to go to tomorrow’s execution gladly.

Bradford Wilcox, on whose research much of the ABC’s propaganda piece was based, has questioned today in The Australian why the ABC “journalists” Julia Baird and Hayley Gleeson didn’t bother to contact him, to ask what he actually said in his conclusion:

“In my study of the nominal evangelical husbands who were most abusive, I found that it was evangelical Protestant men who infrequently or never attended church who were most violent.

“How do you blame Australian churches for a big domestic violence problem if it is men who ­infrequently or never attend church who have the highest likelihood of being violent? How would bad Christian preaching, teaching or counselling be a major factor in spousal abuse if the worst abusers are rarely or never in the pews? It doesn’t follow.

“Indeed, what may be happening in the real world is that churches and religious institutions actually reduce the odds that husbands or wives abuse one ­another.”

In short, a study which showed that attending church makes one less likely to commit domestic violence was misrepresented by the ABC, to argue that attending church makes one more likely to commit domestic violence.

Communists, the lot of them.

It is thus, without further ado, that we present the following question:

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