Not all women are like that


There’s an old saying in the writing game: if you’re taking flak, you must be over the target. My piece the other day on how men can either be masculine or emotional but not both got cross-posted over at XYZ magazine where it generated a fair number of negative comments on their Facebook page.

The upset individuals were overwhelmingly women, and their collective panties were all in a bunch because I had dared to suggest that women were, shock horror, emotional, and screwed up as a result of this emotional dependency. Their objections were primarily based on the fact that I had committed the cardinal sin of generalizing women. Comment after comment gave examples of how they were “strong women” or that they knew plenty of women who did not conform to my biased and misogynistic male views.

It was a collective outpouring of a rule which is known as NAWALT. Or for those of you who are unfamiliar with the acronym, Not All Women Are Like That.

In this case does the exception prove the rule? I’m going to push all my chips into the table on this one and really go against the grain. Sorry ladies, all women are like that. All of them. Including you. Yes, you.

What differs is simply the degree of servitude to your emotions. Some women have it under control for most of the time. Most don’t. You women even get a monthly free pass to act like total bitches for a few days and then have the temerity to accuse us men of not being understanding enough to sympathise with you in your so-called plight.

But let’s take a step back for a moment and assume that, as a man, I have seen an article deriding modern men for being weak namby-pamby good for nothings, who routinely cry and wail and act like pussified beta males. Am I going to get all butt-hurt about such an accusation? Not at all. I’ll take a look at it and examine the article on its own merits. And I will have to concede that in a generalized sense the writer would be reasonably accurate. There are a lot of pussified men out there. But I’m not going to be upset because I don’t see myself in that argument. I’m not pussified and I am clear and confident of that. The only ones who are going to get upset about that argument are … wait for it … the pussified males out there who unintentionally identify with the imaginary article.

Getting all butt-hurt about an article which generalizes women is also an emotional reaction, which kind of proves my entire point in of itself.

All women are like that because of biology, just as all men are like that for the same reason. Traditional marriage placed constraints upon each of the sexes because our forefathers in their wisdom understood the biological realities that underlie society and these restraints were put in place for the greater good of society. Feminism blew the lid off this safety net and we are living with the consequences of that today.

Which is why I was also a little perturbed to see these sorts of comments:

“I’ve seen so many amazing, exeptional and rational women contributing to the xyz page and standing up for the right thing defending equality for both men and women. So shame on you xyz for the above comment. You should retract it and apologize mate.”

Believe it or not, that was from a guy. And this one:

“I often agree & support many of the views posted on XYZ because I genuinely believe in equality (NOT sameness). And I do not support the way feminists are attacking men, in essence trying to demasculinate them. But, I am not in agreement with your comment of: “Women rely on their emotions and look how screwed up they all are.” Everyday women are reasonable beings who, although nurturing & feeling, are rational in their decisions & behaviours.”

Equality? I don’t believe in equality at all. The only equality I believe in is equality of opportunity. The rest of your equality lies you can go and shove where the sun doesn’t shine. Men and women are not the same. They are different. They have different roles and expectations from life. This comes from that biology bugbear again, the part of science that is so unfashionable with the “I fucking love science” crowd.

Via Dalrock, here is what C.S. Lewis had to say about equality between the sexes back in 1943:

“Mrs. Mitchison speaks of women so fostered on a defiant idea of equality that the mere sensation of the male embrace rouses an undercurrent of resentment. Marriages are thus shipwrecked. This is the tragi-comedy of the modern woman; taught by Freud to consider the act of love the most important thing in life, and then inhibited by feminism from that internal surrender which alone can make it a complete emotional success. Merely for the sake of her own erotic pleasure, to go no further, some degree of obedience and humility seems to be (normally) necessary on the woman’s part.”

The last quoted comment from the Facebook feed continues with this:

“However, your comment seems to have placed all women in that category – the same mistake that leftists are doing by placing all men as potential abusers etc. (which is absolutely false). You seem to have placed all women under that stereotype. And that is just not true & a bit disappointing.”

Stereotypes exist for a reason, sweetheart. And your disappointment merely belies the fact that what I wrote makes you uncomfortable. You women still cling to your victimhood status at every opportunity. You see yourselves as a collective group. Any criticism of women is taken personally. This is an emotional reaction and you react that way because you are emotional. You are indeed slaves to your emotions. Us men are here to counter those impulses in you, for which you should try and be a little more grateful on occasion.

But I have left the best part of all this for last. The original article that I wrote was about men. It was about how men must resist the urge to join the victimhood brigades. I even had a section in the article about male suicide. Did that get any responses or concern for the legions of men offing themselves in despair?

Of course not. Those commenters turned it around and made it out to be all about women, when the only part about women was a couple of throwaway lines. And yet verily did the angst thus flow. It is an example of emotional and self-serving female impulses at their very best.

So yes, all women are like that. It’s biology, darlings.