Saudi Arabia big bully or did Qatar have it coming?


On Tuesday a massive diplomatic event occurred in the Middle East.

Doha, Qatar.

Seven nations; Libya, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Bahrain, The Maldives and Yemen, have cut diplomatic ties with Qatar.

It has come as a surprise, and yet, not. While Qatar is an incredibly tiny nation it is also vastly wealthy, with the residents having the largest income per capita in the world, and it is the world’s largest producer of natural gas.

The official reason is that these countries have severed ties with Qatar because it has been funding terrorist/extremist groups.

However all these nations have funded terrorists. Saudi Arabia has, and most likely continues to fund al-Qaeda and the Taliban among others.

It is safe to assume that Saudi Arabia isn’t too happy with this nation being a bit of an upstart, and taking its own road.

Qatar also boasts the largest US military base in the region; could the Saudis and co be wanting to restrict US forces a bit more before doing a mass take over of the Middle East, despite Saudi Arabia being chummy with Trumpy. He did just sell them $147b of arms after all..

This will be very interesting to watch and see what the US reaction will be.

Either way, I expect the Middle East to blow up in a huge way, so Europe better expect more Merkel endorsed residents.

Photo by Francisco Anzola