Viewer Poll: French Presidential Election


The French people will decide this weekend who will be their new President, Marine Le Pen or Emmanuel Macron.

Le Pen represents a clear break from the status quo for France and for Europe. If elected, her Presidency may have far more impact than the Brexit vote, because rather than having the stuffy establishment politicians being forced to do something they never expected and never wanted to do (leave Europe), there will be a leader who lives and breathes the nationalism which inspired Brexit, in the heart of Europe.

The other option is an (Obama-supported) Obama clone, a career technocrat who has shown little skill but is pretty and uses nice vague words to make people like him. Macron promise “hope and change” (no, seriously, someone is still trying to peddle that nonsense) but likely has bankers pulling his strings, and will no doubt plunge France further into debt and demographic decline.

It is not overly dramatic to state that France’s and Europe’s fate lies in the balance.

So, over to you, XYZ Viewer. Let us know in the survey below whom you hope wins, and let us know why in the comments section.

The results of the last viewer poll suggested that most XYZ Viewers support Trump’s aggression against both Syria and North Korea, although a strong minority have expressed their doubts as well. Feel free to let us know your thoughts on this too.

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