You do not punish conservatives by voting for your political enemies


The Z Man has a post up about the French revolution and a genocidal massacre of armed peasantry in the Vendée region in 1793. The peasants hadn’t taken well to the fact that their priests had been arrested for being, well, priests, and the Republicans responded by sending in a big old army and going to town on those dung eating peons. This was a serious dust up, with the Republicans losing over 30,000 troops killed during the initial ten month campaign.

I’ve never heard about it of course, because when I was at school we were being taught … well shit; I don’t know what we were being taught but it wasn’t about cool stuff like this. The Z Man equates this episode with today’s efforts of the coastal elite to impose gay marriage and forced cake baking on the dust belt riff-raff. Smitty over at The Other McCain reckons that letting the Democrats back into power might not be such a good idea as they probably know it’s their last chance to truly transform society into the nightmare that they so desperately desire.

I’ve been thinking the same thing over here in Australia. You know, that spot on the butt-end of the world that people only talk about when they see someone pull a large knife while munching on a kangaroo steak. The common consensus amongst conservatives here is that the Liberal conservative party needs to be punished for its conservative failings, which are many, varied, and awful. This punishment is to be in the form of the Libs losing the next election to Labor, an event which does not seem unlikely at this point.

The problem with this ‘punishment’ is that the Libs won’t really be punished; they will be absorbed into the Labor slime ball that will inevitably eventuate. Labor knows that this is their last shot under the current electoral system. They themselves are now so far to the left that they are in danger of falling off the edge. They can’t go much further. This is the effect that the Greens have had on them. If they do win the next election then they will be fixated with holding power at any cost.

The most benevolent tactic they could take would be to flood the country with even more migrants so as to ensure an unbeatable socialist voting bloc. It would be the socialist cities against the conservative bush, a hinterland that is so vast and unconnected that any pocket of resistance that springs up would be easily dealt with Vendée style. Or they will just change the voting rules and install a totalitarian system as is their great pedigree. They are more or less Communists now in everything but name.

Which is why punishing the Liberals by voting Labor would be incredibly shortsighted, not to mention suicidal. What we need to do is to drag the Liberals away from the center and back towards the right. The way to do this is by forming alternative conservative parties which will gnaw away at the Liberal vote.

The effects of this are now showing in Holland by way of an example. Via Tim Newman comes the news that after 61 days negotiations to form a Dutch government have collapsed.

“Prime Minister Mark Rutte’s centre-right VVD party had sought to strike a deal with the liberal D66, the Christian Democrats and the Green-Left.”

“The talks had been running for 61 days since an election in March.”

“The Green-Left support open borders, while the other three want stricter controls.”

The other three parties only want stricter immigration controls precisely due to the influence that Geert Wilders’ Freedom Party has had on the Dutch political landscape. The politicians in those three parties are well aware of the rising populist trend. The Green-Left are simply fanatics, but because they are fanatics they can be beaten.

Prime Minister Rutte promised his supporters that he would not entertain the option of a power sharing deal with Wilders, but it may be his only option. That is the second manner in which a smaller but truly conservative party can influence the political landscape. The Dutch landscape is being dragged back towards the right, not because people voted for the lunatic left to “punish the conservatives” but because they did exactly the opposite.

We must do the same here in Australia. Parties such as One Nation, ALA, and The Australian Conservative Party must be supported in order to influence the Liberals, both to move back to the right but also to potentially form a power sharing bloc. Ideally the best result in the years to come would be that the Liberals would sit in the center-left position that Labor traditionally held while the newer parties take over the center-right side of politics. Labor would be banished to the sidelines as marginal fanatics while the Greens would find themselves shut out of the voting equation, as is happening in Germany.

After being brutally subjugated the Vendée smouldered for another twenty years, only extinguishing itself with the final act in the Napoleon drama in 1815. The peasants had to be literally destroyed because they did not conform to the new reality of idealism that they were being offered. The left has mutated itself into a force that can only envisage a society where its ideology is made manifest. Either it goes the way of the dodo or we do.

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