Why we Need to Expose the Extremism of the Greens


If you listened to the mainstream media, you could be forgiven for thinking Australia was about to be overrun by evil right-wing “populist” extremists.

Most of these supposed extremists seem to be defined by such radical beliefs as that we should lower our immigration intake, or that we should teach children that boys and girls are different, or that Australia is a nice place really and that Australians have a lot to be proud of.

Clearly such backward, dangerous and outdated thinking has no place in a modern, diverse, agile and innovative creative-global-marketplace such as ours.

But strangely, our quick-to-outrage, hot-under-the-collar media class seems rather calm when it comes to another variety of political extremism.

I’m not referring to their reporting of the proclivities of a certain vibrant religious group. No matter how much they might like to ignore hate preachers demanding death and fanatics delivering it by bomb, truck or nearest available sharp object, the splayed, broken and bloodied bodies of women and children make a total cover-up difficult no matter how hard they try.

On the contrary, rather than calm after the latest incident of vibrant diversity explodes vibrantly in a public place, our press seem very animated indeed in their furious attempts to explain why it’s all our own fault really, we should have been nicer.

No, I’m referring to the surprising lack of media scrutiny of the jaw-droppingly extreme elements within the Greens.

As Tim Blair of the Daily Telegraph pointed out recently, Kleon Toffetti, the boss of the NSW Greens youth wing, is so far to the left he’s in danger of drowning in the Indian Ocean.

Not only does young Kleon describe himself as an anarchist (that most retarded branch of the socialist family tree), he and his little band of spoiled middle-class daddy-haters recently declared a boycott of the Australasian Union of Jewish Students.

The Greens national leadership predictably failed to criticise the young’uns. After all, young, masked, black-clad violent sociopaths will be sociopaths.

Whatever your personal views on Israel, I think we can all agree that if any right-leaning student group had tried to boycott anything remotely Jewish we know what the press reaction would be. The Fairfax front pages and the spluttering, perpetually outraged inhabitants of our national broadcasters would spend the next week ranting about the return of Hitler and the rise of right-wing radicals, yet when the Greens do likewise – nary a peep.

Lee Rhiannon, Communist.

But this isn’t really surprising. The Greens have for seven years now had as a Senator one Lee Rhiannon.

For those who don’t know her history, Ms Rhiannon was a long-time, hardline Marxist activist for a segment of the Communist Party of Australia so extreme that the other Communists threw them out for being too slavishly devoted to Stalin.

Both her parents and her ex-husband were notorious as some of the most unhinged and extreme Communist activists in Australian history. Her mother Freda Brown was the only Australian woman to receive the Lenin Peace Prize.

Senator Rhiannon was the editor of Australia’s only pro-Stalinist newspaper, and continued to write pro-Stalinist articles as late as 1990. That same year Communism was starting to look like a bad bet, so the enterprising Ms Rhiannon joined the Greens, bringing many of her old comrades with her as a ready-made faction.

For the last twenty-seven years the Greens have had as one of their major powerbrokers a woman who dedicated decades of her political life to the memory of one of the greatest mass murderers in history. Ms Rhiannon has never repudiated her former views, and no media outlet has pressured her to do so.

Just imagine if a One Nation or National party Senator had previously spent decades of their life in open devotion to Hitler and had never renounced those beliefs. Do you think that just a couple, out of our intrepid pool of Australian journalists, might just have been interested in following that up?

Joseph Stalin photo
Just some guy.. Photo by JBrazito

The extremists within the Greens with Lee Rhiannon as their figurehead brought the usually secret internal ructions within that party to the fore late last year. A new “Left Renewal” faction declared themselves publicly as socialists aiming for the end of capitalism, the confiscation of private property, the overthrowing of the constitution and the abolition of the state of Australia as it now exists.

Clearly no extremism there.

The press wrote a couple of fairly tepid articles, but the reaction was muted. Most modern journalists in 2017 have been educated on university campuses where Communist activists are not only ubiquitous, but sometimes teaching the classes. There is nothing strange in their mind about Marxism, nothing unusual about following the most murderous ideology of all time.

Australian journalists lean so far to the left that they see absolutely nothing untoward about the extremism of the Greens. In their world and within their social circles, people who want to abolish democracy, outlaw our main source of electricity, open the borders to tens of millions, who hate our country, burn its flag and actively campaign for our nation’s destruction are quite normal.

To the average Australian journalist, open Communists are just another part of our nation’s political fabric. Meanwhile, in the same journalists’ mind, someone wanting a lower immigration intake or to maintain marriage as a union between a man and a woman is clearly beyond the pale, worthy of allocation of all resources available to expose their evil, destroy their lives and if possible, inspire mobs of violent leftists to attack them.

This is why alternative media sources like XYZ need your help to keep pressing, keep probing, keep poking and keep publishing facts like those that surround the life of Lee Rhiannon. If we don’t do it, no-one will.

Not three decades after the fall of the Berlin wall and the end of the Cold War that threatened the very existence of humanity, advocates for the insane ideology that murdered one hundred million and sought to enslave mankind have succeeded in convincing many Australians that it wasn’t so bad really, maybe time for another try.

It’s up to us to fight them, to expose them and to turn on a light bright enough to force these cockroaches back into the holes from which they have so recently crawled.

Photo by AK Rockefeller