The Millennial s— sandwich


The good Cappy has a post where his secret agent in the teaching profession spills the beans on what the kids at school think of all the leftist indoctrination.

“They’re not swallowing it anymore. They’re not believing all this privilege and racist stuff.

“When I pressed my agent for more information, s/he continue to explain that the left through their most ardent of acolytes – teachers – were so uniform, so omnipresent, so overbearing with the “white privilege,” “racism,” “sexism,” 31 flavors of gender, that the kids (dumb as they might be) not only DON’T believe any of it, but are now mocking it and ridiculing it, much like Gen Xer’s do today.”

Kids have a tendency to rebel against whatever their teachers are trying to instill in them, particularly if said teachers are a bunch of morons. But the generation that are currently students in universities or just graduating, kids born in the nineties in other words, that generation swallowed every lie that was fed to them.

You gotta move fast in this world. You gotta get out there and hustle. You’re not just in competition with your peers. You’re competing against those old guys who are trying to hang on long enough to retire with two cents to their name. And you’re competing against the up-and-comers, the generation that is younger than you. They want to gobble you up just as fast as they can.

I’m a generation Xer and we’ve had a good run so far, and part of that has been the fact that we ain’t had no competition from those Millennial kids. They’re so caught up with “safe spaces” and “trigger warnings” and “all white people are bad” self hatred that they haven’t had time to compete with us for their slice of the pie. Thanks Millennials! It’s been nice not having to look over our shoulders!

But if what Cappy is writing is true, and I have no reason to doubt that it is, then these Millennial losers are about to get hit by a double whammy. Not only have they not competed against us but now they have these generation Z kids who are about to come out of the blocks hard and fast on their tails. It’s gonna be a Millennial s— sandwich.

You can believe in as many SJW pieties as you like, but the world runs on hard ugly facts alone. If the up and coming kids have not only thrown off the shackles of attempted mind slavery but also possess a bit of nous, a bit of get up and go, a bit of daring-do, then you Millennials are in for a torrid time. You’re gonna be the entire generation that deserves to sit on the special bus.

Nature is pitiless and we are nature. You are the loser generation. You will achieve exactly nothing, and we will not bail you out of your sorry self-inflicted mind slavery. The reason that the Israelites had to spend 40 years in the desert after escaping from Egypt was they had to wait for all of the people who had been slaves to die out before they could go on to construct their own nation with men who had been born with free minds. Men who had been born in the desert. Men who did not love their overlords.

I know that there are a few Millennials out there who have freed themselves of this mind bondage. You truly are the fortunate ones because you are competing in an almost entirely open market. If you’re not able to succeed then you really have no excuses whatsoever.

When even The Simpsons are mocking you then you know that it’s all over. The problem you Millennials have is that you haven’t realized it yet, and you probably never will.

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