Food for thought – Will there ever be a rainbow?

Cartoon by Ryan Fletcher

For those twits characterising 2016 as “the worst year ever”, perhaps ask yourselves the question:

“How is raging against a cartoon frog like a Jihadist triggered by a cartoon of Muhammad going to enrich my year on earth?”

With grotesque green-haired pansexual Islamophile trendies rabbling around the streets like escaped mental patients, one has to wonder how they could have interpreted their asinine antics as PR-savvy strategies to winning.

Even as most of us ask ourselves the question, “Were they trying to lose?”, it appears these precious little snowflakes (who want white genocide and legalised paedophilia) are doubling down on their violence.

For instance, last month’s attempt by Australian-based trendies to emulate the Weather Underground here in Canberra was enough to boost their opponent’s voter base even further through the roof.

Let’s face it, these Marxist mutants who have done more to flatten the Hitler button than the LaRouche Movement, have caused most folk to embrace the adage of Godwin’s law in order to be, “Everyone they (SJWs) don’t like”.

Hence why God-Emperor Trump (aka “Literally Hitler” to precious little snowflakes) has triumphed over the concerted smear campaign by their precious PC presstitutes in the fake news media. Blaming every man and his dog for their failure, few (if any) of them criticise the idiocy they have been inculcated with by the likes of MTV.

However, as their beloved communist Kenyan continues to launch a scorched earth policy in the dying days of his POS administration, America awaits the rainbow that will end the global flood of identity politics.

Food for thought.