Global Warming


… Our global warming masters are very intelligent too
They know exactly what it takes to stop us overheating our zoo
They’ll save us from disaster, even if we don’t ask them to
By telling us the degrees are high, it’s end times, we’re through

They’ll tax us by the trillions ‘cause from disaster they’ll shade
By pouring all those extra tax bucks into ersatz foreign aid
And guiding those poor countries whose sovereign ambitions fade
To spend our loot on whatever they want as long as it’s ‘In China Made’

Ensuring they get richer, and spreading other’s wealth around
They’ll fly first class in a jumbo jet while appearing ecologically sound
The argument they’ll proffer, if we ask them to expound
‘It’s cheaper than driving one of my Mercs, a long way over ground’.

A really hot day in summer, is all the proof they need
That global doom is on its way and if we want to be freed
Enrich them with our trillions so all the poor can feed
On horrendous lies while being weakened by massive welfare creed

Steve B, XYZ Resident Poet.

Photo by penreyes