The Luxury of Living Inside the Matrix


A group of tech entrepreneurs are now theorising that we are all living in a computer simulation. But is it unadulterated scientific hypotheses (increasingly rare nowadays) or a simple lacking in self awareness that has led them to this conclusion?

7301506118_210d4f372a_matrixThere’s no doubt that obscenely wealthy and nefarious globalists influence perception and the reality of the world that we live in in a very Orwellian manner. They were literally able to tax the very air that we breathe, and most people found it legit. They were even able to convince many of those who scoff at ‘those silly creationists who deny evolution’ that gender fluidity is a thing as well.

But Cultural Marxist or Globalist influence is one thing. Suggesting that we are living entirely in a computer simulation is quite another. The flaw in this theory is perception. I’m sure that for Elon Musk, with a net worth of $13.2 billion dollars, the theory seems quite sound. Prior to founding Tesla and creating those billions, Musk was still living quite comfortably as the son of a model and dietitian (always a recipe for anorexia), and never really experienced any real hardship. Like many tech types, a disconnect from reality and a difficulty forming a connection with his fellow human beings was ever present.

With all of these causative factors, of course it may feel like you’re living in the Matrix if you’re a well heeled tech entrepreneur living in Silicone Valley with a Mexican cleaning your pool, but things probably feel a bit different and a bit more real if you’re the Mexican cleaning the pool.

The theory is an interesting one, but I wonder if it could be proven or disproven by asking Elon to follow the Mexican pool cleaner to jot down all of the aspects of his day, getting the Mexican pool cleaner to follow Elon around to jot down all aspects of his day, and compare notes. I’m tipping that Elon’s day will feel very much like a computer simulation, while the Mexican’s will feel closer to the soul destroying reality of manual labour.

I can see where Musk is coming from. I once worked all manner of horrible soul destroying jobs. Life felt very real. I appreciated a sunset, the laughter of children, the smell of rain after a long dry spell…all that s— far more than when I became more secure and prosperous. Now I need to keep reminding myself of how special these small things in life are. Life does feel very like a simulation. I can only imagine that for Mark Zuckerberg,Bill Gates, or Elon Musk for that matter, life feels infinitely more surreal. It isn’t a stretch to hypothesise that it’s all a simulation.

The real question is that if we are all living inside a Matrix, would anyone in this computer simulation have soul destroying jobs? Wouldn’t we all just be shooting the breeze at a cafe 24/7 like the cast of Friends? The biggest thing working against the hypothesis of Elon Musk and others seems to be the question “If we’re all living in a computer simulation, why is there a guy in the computer simulation who has to take out my garbage?”

It’s Your XYZ.

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