We’ll all be rooned said Hanrahan (part 3 of 7)



That will be the case if we keep listening to the greenies and the lunatic left. We’ll all be rooned said Hanrahan.

Now that the crow eaters have some power and light back on, the search for a plausible excuse for them being cast back into to blackfella time has now started.

It will never rain again...
It will never rain again…

Mind you, it’s still a tad wet down there, with river flooding that we were told would never happen again by Climate Commissioner Tim Flannery a few years ago.

Jay Weatherill, Premier of South Australia has announced the setting up of an inquiry into the cause of the lights going out so suddenly, and true to some primeval inbred culture in that part of the world, a retired police commissioner from South Australia will head the enquiry.

I smell a rodent, I do, I do!

The enquiry is not a criminal investigation, but rather an enquiry into a mechanical and electrical cockup, for which it would be better to have an eminent independent engineer from outside that state. After all, some old transmission towers that were in poor condition, under-designed and sitting in wet ground fell over. Then the power grid became unstable because of a lightning strike, and there was no power coming in from Victoria. Lights go out – simple.

It really needs a dispassionate look at what has really happened, how the Green-Labor left-wing climate agenda has sent that state on a path to ruin and waste of taxpayer money.

Yes, it will be embarrassing, and it will hurt, but it is better for the truth to surface, rather than being swept under the rug down there.

At the same time, Sarah (Two-Dads) has again offered an expensive solution on how to fix her problem by spending a heap of taxpayer money on batteries for all houses and businesses in South Australia. The wrong engineering solution again, just like letting in all illegal immigrants that arrive by boat on our northern shores.

When will you learn people??

“O’Neil squatted down and chewed a piece of bark…..”

“Grumblebum” is a white’ Anglo Saxon male baby boomer whose ancestors came by sailing boat from UK in the 1880’s and settled in the southern states. They farmed (not always successfully) and built the land, and passed onto myself their heritage of democracy and laws based on the Judeo-Christian principles. I am just wondering why I am being harangued into forfeiting this by a bunch of under-educated, historically illiterate, unwashed and unemployable knuckle draggers from the political left.

Photo by Rexness