The 12th Labour of Trumpules


The hero worship of Trump may be getting a little out of hand of late, but we have no intention of pulling it back, not when Western civilisation is at stake..

When Hercules was tasked by Apollo with performing 12 labours in penance for killing his wife and children, the 12th was by far the hardest.  He was required to capture Cerberus, the savage, three dog-headed beast which guarded the doors of Hades.  Trump’s stoush with Hillary Clinton in the 2nd Presidential Debate, in which he faced up against not only Killary, but the hellish gate-keepers of the truth, in the form of “moderators” Martha Raddatz and Anderson Cooper, was truly epic, and Trump came out victorious.

The journey Trump is undergoing mirrors that of Hercules: He didn’t exactly kill his wife and children (although you wouldn’t know it, given his press in the mainstream media) but he is undergoing a similar virtuous struggle of suffering and transformation, which may well, one day, lead to immortality.