Thanks Leftists, We Needed Moore Toilet Paper


As we all know, many on the left, particularly the beneficiaries of art grants, aren’t particularly creative or talented. That’s why they have to subsist on government grants. If their art was in demand, it would generate income all by itself, and they wouldn’t need to shoehorn shallow regressive leftist political commentary into otherwise unrelated substandard works to secure what self-funded income producing artists like to refer to as the ‘w—er dole’. The ‘w—er dole’ is essentially for lazy socialists who staunchly support trade unions in theory, but feel that manual labour is beneath them in practice.

And it’s not only the sensible who loathe and despise them, and have zero interest in their ‘art’. When an art installation demanding an end to offshore detention washed away at Sculpture by the Sea recently, it became abundantly clear that even God, or some other higher force, hates them as well. If you happen to believe in the big fella, I’d say it’s a safe assumption that he believes in secure borders.

When you mix slactivism with art, the results are usually tired and underwhelming. Throw in incompetence, and it can be priceless. A talentless ‘w—er dole’ hack who would certainly shriek with accusations of male privilege, rape culture and sexism if someone were to create toilet paper depicting a female who has all the ‘correct’ thoughts, recently capitalised on his lack of imagination to come up with the *yawn* concept of Pauline Hanson toilet paper.

img_2238It’s brilliant. I love it. I picked up six rolls myself. “Why?” I hear you ask. Well, the answer is simple. Given the dearth of talent that ‘artist’ that Drew Abrahamson has, it really doesn’t look like Pauline Hanson at all. He should have asked a more talented artist like XYZ’s Ryan Fletcher to come up with an image. It doesn’t share any resemblance to Pauline, but it does look uncannily like another politician..

clover moore photo
Photo by kateausburn

I can’t believe that nobody thought of it before. Lord Mayor Clover Moore has been wiping her a— with Sydney ratepayers since 2004, with her pie in the sky regressive left policies. It’s high time we returned the favour, and this photo realistic bog roll is just the ticket. I’d encourage all enterprising XYZ readers to visit Drew’s Go Fund Me page, pick up two rolls of toilet paper for $10, pop them on E-Bay listed as Clover Moore toilet paper, and donate the profits to One Nation. You’ll be giving ‘w—er dole’ recipients everywhere the s—s in no time.

It’s your XYZ.

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