Integration ethics 101


The XYZ has learned of a shocking, ground breaking, truly progressive move emanating from the hard left, including the most juicy of gender fluid groups.

A leaked memo, purported to be from the Greens explains:

For too long our movement has been NIMBY for causes we oppose, and yet dismissive of similar concerns from the population upon whom we seek to impose things like Islamic migration and Gay Marriage.

The Australian Greens
The Australian Greens

Hence forth, we urge our members to abide by a simple code of ethics:

– If we support Islamic migration, we must invite Muslim immigrants into our homes, our communities and culture. Integration starts at home, so we will lead from the front – modifying our behaviour and values to show the rest of the deplorables what integration really means.

– We will pay for our promises. The simple reality is, we are not askng for unrealistic financial obligations. To prove this, and therefore the bigotry of the deplorables, we will pay from our own pocket for the health, education, housing and welfare of every migrant we can shelter in our own homes.

– Gender politics are a universal value and we simply cannot be seen to impose one set of values for some Australians and turn a blind eye to diametrically oppoed values for others. For this reason, our integration will set a new standard for gender politics which ALL Australians can abide by. We may need to chop some bits of policy here and cover some other bits there, but we believe we cannot integrate while such a massive divide between what we represent, and what we support from our migrant friends, exists. We are all equally equal equals equal in equality. Anything else is racist.

In the end, we want to show our true colours to everyone. Yes, we are Islamic friendly, and yes, Islam is the future. We will include 50% representation in our party of Muslims! We will segregate our women aside from the men, in what is a culturally appopriate recognition of women’s diminished standing to men. We will fight against Christianity, Western Cultural values and Capitalism, until Islam reigns supreme, Inshallah!

Allahu Akbhar.
This message will soon be endorsed by the Australian Green Party

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