Even a Barely Literate Islamist from Pakistan Can Read Between the Lines of the SMH


He’s back ladies and gentlemen. My new favourite social media commenter. If the Trumpaphobes at SMH (and the rest of the MSM) won’t listen to the majority of Deplorables commenting on their articles and cancelling subscriptions in droves, perhaps they’ll listen to Yaar Khan. Why? Because Yaar Khan is a Muslim, and that Royal Flush beats your average Fairfax journalist with a pair of 7’s, not to mention a transgender woman with a straight flush of queens.

Blind Freddy can spot the shameless bias, and endgame of these Globalists and their Pravda-like media mouthpieces, and so can Yaar Khan. We might disagree with Khan on about 99% of his opinions about women, gays, and freedom, but I think that we can all agree that despite being semi-literate, Khan still has a better handle on what he sees in the Herald than your average regressive leftist.


Yaar Khan may not get that the prophet marrying an 8 year old is problematic, but he does get that:

A) Donald Trump says very mean things about Muslims and should be punished by Allah (or at least with a flaming cage or some other devious contraption conceived by the religion of peace), but in practice Hillary has killed more Muslims than Richard the Lionheart, and intends to kill and maim a great many more. Preferably women and children.

B) Fairfax, like the overwhelming majority of mainstream media, have forsaken even the appearance of impartiality in order to actively manipulate a foreign election in favour of a candidate who figuratively bathes in the blood of Muslim women and children while virtue signalling about the plight of Muslim women and children.

SMH, check your white privilege and listen to Yaar Khan. Your support for a warhawk who openly aspires to turn Syria and Iran into glass (nukes + sand = glass) over a guy who says mean things about Muslims but in practice doesn’t particularly feel a compulsion to destabilise their countries and kill their women and children, is reckless, irresponsible, and makes absolutely no sense.

The writing is on the wall. It may be from a guy that thinks that women should be covered in oppressive garb, and that homosexuality is an unacceptable lifestyle choice best prevented with a short trip off a tall building, but in this rare instance, I think that anyone reasonable can agree with Yaar Khan.

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