Comment on Latest SMH Hit-Piece Shows Exactly Why the World May Need Donald Trump Warts and All


Another day, another 12 hit pieces from SMH. This one is very interesting due to one of the more subtle yet disturbing comments amid all the pro and con bluster.


Yaar Khan comments that Trump isn’t good for Islam and Muslims. Sure, you could dismiss that as virtue signalling in a different context. But the next line is ‘Allah punish him’. Make no mistake, that isn’t a ‘he will be judged by God’ type statement. When Islamists say something like this they usually regard themselves and their ilk as the very instruments of that punishment.

They aren’t visualising a deity dispensing fire and brimstone, but a Jihadist taking matters into his own hands.

In a nutshell, that comment makes a better case for a Trump Presidency than any of the lazy memes, links, or slurs above or below it. Everyone is noticeably afraid to pull Khan up on his comment, or probe him further about it. And that’s part of the problem. People were afraid to confront Man Monis as he preached hate from street corners too.

The commenter appears to be from Pakistan, not exactly a hotbed of moderate Islam. Is he dodgy? I’ll leave you to draw your own conclusions. We won’t know for certain until Q&A try to use him in a failed gotcha moment. It’s certainly a post that is of concern and could well do with some scrutiny from Peter Dutton.

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