Clinton News Network Unable To Ignore Potentially Election Changing Story, So They Sugarcoat It


Well, it turns out that Anthony Wiener isn’t the only one who’s in trouble because he can’t keep it in his pants. Clinton emails found while investigators were going through the alleged pedophile’s phone have reopened the FBI investigation, and may well scuttle the Clinton campaign if revealed in time.

This isn’t a non-story like lewd comments most have made that are LEGAL and were recorded years ago. Nor is it a non-story about LEGAL corporate tax minimisation. This is a huge story with ILLEGAL implications that may see Hillary wind up in a reality version of Orange is the New Black.

Mainstream media have had their hand forced. The story is huge. They need to cover it, and most realise the gravity of the situation. Weiner is a voyeur, so it’s a safe bet that these souvenir emails he’s kept on his phone are explosive in some way. The FBI certainly seem to think so. The MSM, after a year of gleefully reporting non-stories about Donald Trump, are begrudgingly reporting the facts like five year olds being made to kiss an elderly aunt goodbye.
It’s interesting to note how some, including CNN who have donated large amounts of money, in the order of millions to both the Clinton campaign and foundation, are reporting on this breaking news:

The FBI are not investigating according to the Clinton News Network. They are merely reviewing. As you would a movie or a restaurant on Yelp. They even deliberately link to an op-ed explaining that ‘Clinton did nothing wrong’ that reads so heavily in politi-speak that one suspects that the Clinton Campaign itself may have disseminated it to CNN.

You almost have to feel sorry for Hillary, being surrounded by an accused rapist and an accused pedophile whose wiener’s keep dogging her campaign without ever having come near her. But at least CNN is still #withher

It’s Your XYZ.

Photo by AlexanderJonesi