How the bloody hell is the plebiscite unfair?

From the Facebook page of Equal Marriage Rights Australia,

Grumpy Motorist’s latest rant is in response to this meme, featured on the Facebook page of Equal Marriage Rights Australia:

How is it unfair?

You actually get a say in the process of law changes.

How is it unsafe?

Are the voting staff going to get papercuts?

How is it unworkable?

The nation votes for local, state, and federal government often, and we do the stupid, time-consuming census. How will this be any different?

This, right here, is democracy. Proper, direct democracy.

With all the support I see for it online it would probably pass anyway. I couldn’t care less either way, as long as it doesn’t affect the institution of marriage for me.

However, in spite of the huge amount of scare-mongering with no firm facts to back it up from the left, I will vote no if it comes to that. Sometimes people need to learn when to SHUT UP!

This is Grumpy Motorist signing off and remember STAY IN THE BLOODY LEFT LANE!

Photo by Tony Webster