Why Does the Left Hate Religion?


By Phill Scott

Why do so many on the Left hate religion so much? For me it’s a question I can’t answer, however I may be able to offer some insights into what appears to me to be hypocrisy.

Firstly it needs to be stated that religion is part of the human psyche. Science has all but proven that “God” does not and cannot exist, yet humans still persevere with the concept of a greater power, such as, “There’s nothing I can do, I’ll put it into someone else’s hands – someone with power greater than my own.”

Human beings have done this as far back as history stretches and it has served us well. It has helped us grieve, and given us hope where there would otherwise be none. It has helped us cope with situations in which we’d otherwise be unable to cope with.

And yet so many on the Left scoff and scorn at the majority of religions (except, of course, Islam – more on that later). Full disclosure: I am a Roman Catholic, born and bred, and I have had many debates with my Lefty mates about the irrationality in believing that God created the world in 7 days, we’re all descendants of Adam and Eve etc., etc., and I always argue it’s not about a literal occurrence, only a belief in a higher power: something bigger and better than us who we turn to when our chips are down.

This is usually met with snide remarks about how unreligious I really am and “hahaha I won the point.” The other day, however, I came up with a fantastic counter-argument: my arguments are usually based around human beings turning to a greater power to fix (or hope to fix) problems that are out of our hands. It occurred to me then that the Left do exactly the same thing. While I might pray to my God, they pray to the government. When my chips are down and I’m struggling, I pray to my God. When their chips are down they pray to the government: “The government will fix it”. The Government is the Leftist’s god. The Almighty, the one who can make all their woes disappear. To the Left, the government is the higher power.

This brings me to my second point. Islam – and the Left’s love of it. The reason the Left have such love and tolerance towards Islam is because Islam is a theocracy. They can have their ever-almighty government that will fix all things. But in the event that the government, with all its power and money vested to it by the regressive Left, can no longer help their dire situation, they always have a way out: Allah.

The fundamental difference between praying to my God and praying to (lobbying) the government is that no essential or forced cost is imposed on me or any unwilling payee (taxpayers) to finance my god to exist, nor to force anyone else to bow down and pray. The left, however, seem to think that it’s the taxpayers’ responsibility to support their ‘God’ (government) and we all must bow down and pray to their latest whim.

Ultimately, the Left doesn’t hate religion at all. They just, like most religions, think that theirs is better. Even though, throughout history, socialist governments and theocracies have a 100% failure rate.

I’m all for freedom of religion. You pray to your God and I’ll pray to mine; just don’t ask me to pay for you religion or your political views.