Cognitive Dissonance of Leftist Gender & Sexual Theory


By Lance Llewellyn

On the one hand, lefties claim that being gay is not a choice, you are born that way. On the other, they also say that gender is fluid. That’s like saying a substance can be both a solid and a liquid at the same time. Though, of course, I wouldn’t put it past them to sexually identify as plasma.

Anyway, if sexual orientation is a fixed solid, then gender fluidity cannot be true. If it is fluid, then being gay is a choice; not an easy one, as Milo says, but a choice nonetheless.

Either way, the narrative dies. Because if you choose “solid”, then anyone who is “fluid” must therefore be “deviant” and “perverted.” If you choose “liquid”, then all this “gay gene” and equal marriage stuff was based on a lie.

Neither outcome can be tolerated by the cognitive dissonance of the rabid left. Solids and liquids don’t make sense when you exist in a perpetual state of hot wind…

Photo by Colin_K