Greens Member Living in an Imaginary World Upset at Losing Imaginary Portfolio


Sarah Hanson-Young is upset. But speaking from personal experience, people with hyphens in their name generally are upset about something. Richard Di Natale has taken the immigration portfolio away from her.

Why is her hissy fit so hilarious? Well, it’s all just make believe, isn’t it… Peter Dutton is our Immigration Minister. A Labor guy called Shayne Neumann is o5165945905_2b8eee83ca_sarah-hanson-youngur Shadow Immigration Minister. Sarah Hanson-Young was just pretending. Just playing make-believe.

Let’s be honest and descend to reality for a minute (stay with me, Sarah). The Greens aren’t running ministries, and can’t under our two-party system. One Nation senator Malcolm Roberts seems affable, but if Pauline were to announce that he ‘has the environment portfolio’ we’d all be certain that both had taken leave of their senses.

This is just more proof of the head space of the Greens, and the world that they live in. I’d understand if Dutton or shadow minister Neumann were moved on and were uptight about it. These are tangible positions.

Hanson-Young’s reaction is akin to a kid getting upset because they wanted to be a bullet-proof Davy Crockett in a game of Cowboys and Indians, and nobody wants to be an expendable brave. That analogy would outrage Hanson-Young of course…

This is the luxury of being in the Greens. It’s all about self-aggrandising, keeping up appearances and conceiving pie-in-the-sky policies knowing full well that if they are ever actually implemented, the Labor or Liberal stooge who is actually in charge of the portfolio will take the fall when it blows up in everyone’s face.

If the Greens get their way and we end offshore detention (taking the EU route of admitting asylum seekers largely un-vetted with few questions asked), it won’t be the scalp of the Green in charge of their make-believe immigration portfolio that is taken when it all goes South. It will be the scalp of the sitting immigration minister, and perhaps the shadow minister if he was complicit in their nonsense.

The Green in charge of the ‘Immigration Portfolio’ will essentially be the same as the person who encourages a friend to make a really horrible life decision. If it goes OK, they’ll take all the credit. If not, they personally never had anything to lose so it’s all good. They’ll just awkwardly back away.

With their naivety and lack of life experience, nonsensical imaginary portfolios, policies firmly planted in a world of make-believe, their imaginary friends (imaginary in the sense that they believe that radicalised Islamists like and respect them as any more than temporarily useful idiots) and their regular tantrums, the Greens are usually indiscernible from children.

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