Food for thought – It’s not over till the PC tap out

Cartoon by Ryan Fletcher
Cartoon by Ryan Fletcher

Around this time last year I first began writing and cartooning for The XYZ, and it continues to be an honour contributing to the cultural Libertarian revolt against the politically correct establishment media.

As a physiocratic agent of the British Empire and dedicated Shabbos goy, with an honorary Doctorate of Philosophy from Sequoia University, I have sought to rev up fellow reactionaries in the ring against these Lefty luchadores seeking to destroy the Western world.

Armed with words and wit, the aim has been to wrestle these Lefty luchadores white-anting Australia, by engaging in proverbial tag-team tactics with fellow XYZ colleagues (so as to continue the smack-down against our opposition and have them tap out).

Whether it’s highlighting the suicidal inclinations of the Left, championing ideal government or playing the smallest violin in the world for a certain little pinko, the XYZ never shies from taking a figurative swing at the cultural Marxist “poofia”.

While we have a way to go yet, the limp-wristed luchadores at their ABC and SBS are haemorrhaging support from the crowd (which I’m sure Cultural Libertarian battlers couldn’t be happier about).

Food for thought