The Flame of Liberty Rising Again?


Ayrton Rand

You could be excused for presuming that the current race for the U.S Presidency is between solely Clinton and Trump. Especially considering the massive campaign media machine that each nominee is backed up by, that’s hardly surprising.

3661030415_6c329da257_Gary-JohnsonHowever, there are alternatives gathering momentum. Disillusioned voters are swinging to Gary Johnson, the Libertarian party candidate.


Well, it seems that observations from U.S commentators and journalists are that the American citizen is becoming increasingly disillusioned with establishment politics, represented in this election by Hillary Clinton’s Democrats, and less so by Donald Trump’s Republicans. They are also turning away from ‘big government’ which has swelled dramatically in the years following the Reagan administration, where reductions in government spending under Friedman inspired government fiscal policy allowed for significant free market activity.

The Libertarian movement is also making gains in the centre of the electorate, along with Republicans turned off by Trump. The Libertarian’s are being viewed as the ‘adult choice’ through their advocacy for ‘freedom of choice’ and smaller government, along with their opposition to the imposed social engineering of the Left. People are enthused by more freedom and the cool and collected Johnson, who is standing by traditional Libertarian principles and avoiding populist policy. These voters are currently pushing Johnson to 8% in the polls, which is presently not enough for a podium at televised debates – he needs 15% for that. Momentum is growing, but will Johnson get there?

We can only hope. The American election is expected to send ripples through the world. It will influence Australian politics through its result. Clinton promises more spending, and more government control in people’s lives. She is feeding the Leviathan. Trump is a complete maverick whose policy lacks definition and is simply maximising the American people’s xenophobia and rising anti-establishment sentiment. Johnson provides an adult voice who, if given the opportunity to debate, will provide an adult, philosophically sophisticated voice in a forum. Through news and social media, Australians are being exposed to the cut-and-thrust of the Presidential campaign, and it will influence their thinking.

Recently, the rise of Australia’s own Liberal Democrats has continued with the election of David Leyonhelm to the Upper House and his recent attention through the push to make significant change to section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act. The Liberal Democrats are gaining momentum as well, with their party close to winning another seat in the recent Federal election via QLD candidate Gabriel Buckley. The small government, freedom and civil liberty message is gaining increased credibility amongst the electorate.

Why are the Liberal Democrats gaining momentum? Through similar dissatisfaction. The Labor Party is blighted by the influence of the minority trade union movement and social engineers. The Liberal Party is becoming more and more vulnerable to populism and indecisiveness – pushing it closer to the centre. People are becoming more and more disenchanted with the established elite in political parties and are looking for honest, mature alternatives. They are also tired with the rhetoric and lack of clear leadership towards fixing the country’s issues like a government should; Abbott was the last leader to come close to having strong principles. He had his failings, but he never shied away from his principles.

We need a leader who can make tough decisions. I don’t believe Turnbull is necessarily that, but I’m happier with him instead of the country being led by Bill Shorten, a union secretary masquerading as a politician. Perhaps the mature, measured and responsible policy of the Libertarian movement is the answer.

We can only hope.

Photo by wolf4609