Black rioters use disgraceful grammar


When beating up white people for no reason in the latest American race riots, this time in Milwaukee, black rioters have displayed their woeful grasp of basic English grammar. A compilation of videos showing black protesters engaged in another round of thuggery, shared courtesy of Paul Joseph Watson and Breitbart News, has brought the issue to our full attention.

One racist black rioter, soon after chants of “black power” from the crowd, asks, when they see somebody in a nearby car, “is they white?” This incorrect use of “is” as an auxiliary verb instead of “are” is, in this case, inexplicable, as at another moment shortly after, another rioter fails to use “is” as a singular verb as the rioter exclaims “He white – beat his head – bitch!”

Shocking and repeated failures to utilise the plural verb “are” are also a regular feature of the video, with phrases such as “yeah they white,” “yeah they white, get their ass! (sic)” and “hey they beatin’ up every white person” butchering grammatical conventions.  One thing we know for certain is that the first casualty of race war is grammar.

President Obama has responded to this latest crisis in the black community by stating “you didn’t build that grammar. F— white people.”

It’s your XYZ.