All XYZ writers are equal


How can it not be. If you read an article and it seems dull, you need to like it more. Our less talented and inspired efforts are as good as our most salient. Its crazy to say otherwise.3032688035_0a776cafd0_equality

Our subject matter may be on the wrong side of history. Our opinions may be contrary to the absolute truth. In fact, it’s hard to see how we live with ourselves.

Of course, its also natural that we are such awful creatures. Many of of us were born white (sob). I was born male (boo hoo). I am a cis too (the horror). I completed school and attended university – and I did not study Arts.

Worse yet, I cannot say 2 + 2 is 5.

I am not a victim, and where my freedom is being curtailed, I still feel inspired to oppose the forces that oppress me in the name of freedom.

Only when they overtly criminalise free thought and free speech will I say the ABC is equal to the XYZ.

I cannot bring myself to say that white lives matter. I cannot bring myself to teach sexual fluidity and BDSM to pre-teens. I cannot bring myself to ignore structural budget deficits. I cannot say all religions are equal. I cannot call myself a genocidal slave master – as I have never killed nor owned a slave.

I cannot justify electing a person based on their gender nor colour. I will employ any person who is great at their job. I will not say that Islam empowers women or gays or diversity or intellectual curiosity nor freedom.

If all that makes me wrong, then I do not want to be right. If it makes me Right, I do not want to be wrong.

Photo by @bastique