A Memo to the Regressive Left: You Created This Monster


By Eh?Nonymous


Something remarkable happened in Waleed Aly’s column this morning. In so many words, he recognised that the regressive left are at least partly to blame (many of us would suggest mostly to blame) for the resurgence of One Nation, and much of the division we are seeing in our nation. Thank you, Waleed. Thank you. Welcome to the real world beyond safe spaces and safe schools. Not a moment too soon, I might add.

The regressive left are a funny bunch. They find it totally understandable that if a secular Lebanese kid is accused of being a terrorist 24/7, there’s a good chance he’ll become radicalised and the accusations will come to pass. Yet these same regressive leftists seem completely oblivious to the fact that if you tell ‘all of the white people’ that they suck, are privileged, part of the patriarchy, and that their culture needs to hurry up and be swept away, then maybe, just maybe…they may be inclined to feel marginalised and vote One Nation.

Stick with me here, anyone from the regressive left who may be reading. I know that this concept sounds absolutely crazy, but you just need to be tolerant of those enjoying less white privilege than you for just a minute to understand. See, there are lands faraway from your gentrified Inner West suburb of Sydney called the Western suburbs, and rural NSW. You may have seen these faraway lands on television and feel a patriarchal sense of superiority, but will probably never have cause to go there.

The people in these faraway lands are angry with you because you’ve been attacking and bombing them with merciless virtue signalling and inconsequential social justice causes for decades. You say that you’re trying to help them, but clearly it’s all about the oil. The oil that lubricates the Cultural Marxist Military-Industrial complex.

We’ve seen several horrific terror attacks upon your regressive left sensibilities lately. First One Nation won at least three seats in the Senate, seizing control of several electorates in the formerly safe Green Zone. Then a radicalised Sonia Kruger set off a massive concussive truth bomb in the Channel 9 studio. Those bleeding hearts in the Liberal Party are trying to say that she isn’t a conservative, but they are clearly delusional. She was even heard saying things like ‘Australia’ and ‘Free Speech’ so clearly she’s ‘one of those ones’.

So seriously, regressive leftists. You’ve been oppressing these people for decades, obstructed their right to better themselves with broadminded education brimming with free and open ideas, inventing new micro-aggressions as an excuse to pick on them, discriminating against them because of their skin colour, installing puppet dictators like Tim Flannery to further your long distance globalist agenda, infringing upon their freedom to practice their religion as they see fit without interference, and then you’re shocked and appalled when a few figurative bombs go off? Really? Really, regressive left? Seriously? What the f— did you expect?!?!?

I’m sure you started out with the best of intentions. Making sure everyone got paid properly, ensuring that we have equal rights in a realistic sense without manufacturing new disenfranchised groups when you run out of old disenfranchised groups, making the world a better place…you know…that kind of stuff. It was cute for a while until you just started taking the p—.

You’re just like the guy who pops into the corner shop to grab the paper and realises he has forgotten his wallet. The shopkeeper tells him not to worry, just take the paper. Fix me up later. Most people take the paper with good grace and pay the man next time they’re in. You’re the kind who pauses and says ‘oh…I might just grab a few other things’ before filling a basket. It gets old fast.

There are genuine issues that need addressing. Unfortunately you seemingly have no comprehension of which issues are important, and which causes to pursue. In your outrage culture, some dumb kid scrawling a swastika on the street in chalk is as evil as the actual atrocities committed by Nazi Germany. Refusing to bake a cake for a gay couple is as heinous as throwing gays off a building. My seventy-year-old uncle calling the girl at the checkout ‘love’ is way more deplorable than female genital mutilation. Pick your battles dumb-a—.

The public empathy well is only so deep. If you’re going to demand that people get outraged or offended by everything, then naturally they’re rather quickly going to cease caring about any cause that you’re pushing, regardless of gravitas.

You people are so lacking in self awareness that you think that people naturally gravitate toward right-wing politics all on their own for no apparent reason. You are completely baffled by the phenomenon of hopelessly divided tribes and three One Nation Senate seats, even as you explain to ‘all of the white people’ the importance of making it clear to their children from an early age that they are inherently racist, and whitesplain to blacks that cops (even black and Latino cops remarkably) are on a mission to summarily execute them because of their skin colour.

It’s a pendulum effect. The science is settled. The more division you create, the further right things will lean. We don’t want to be where we’re at. Really we don’t. We’d rather all just be sitting out in the sun or smoking cigars than getting all political, and despite your reinforced stereotypes about conservatives, 95.9% of us find white supremacists as unpalatable as you do. In fact, they are almost nonexistent in Australia. For now…

But guess what? You’ve swung the pendulum so far on the side of left-wing lunacy that you may just have wished these fantasy bogeymen into existence, as the Regressive Left of Europe have done. It’s a tough choice between who you’d least want to invite to dinner: Soldiers of Odin or your average predatory Apex gang of Middle Easterners roaming the streets of Stockholm.

Leftists have made that a very real conundrum.

It’s time for you to admit that you kept nagging at us until you completely invalidated your agenda. You’ve shown no desire to distance yourselves from the fringe lunatics in your ranks. In fact they make up the rank and file and are the cornerstones of your ideology. You couldn’t purge them in the interest of credibility even if you wanted to. The entire operation would fall apart. You’ve built a house of cards with no chance of ever being embraced by a centrist Australia.

As XYZ’s Jeremy Morgan reported, the ABC posed a poll that asked “Should the Federal Government denounce controversial commentary calling for an end to Muslim immigration?”

85% of people gave a resounding no. These people haven’t evolved overnight. Nobody is that naive. They’re simply tired of pretending to agree with your nonsense, or being complicit in silence. They finally realise that you are a shrill minority, who arrogantly assume that anyone intelligent enough to have a conversation with them must surely agree wholeheartedly with their news-speak and doublethink.

They also recognise that in a free society, the government reflects the view of the people, and should govern accordingly. Australia is a genuine democracy. The people have spoken. This isn’t Barack Obama or Angela Merkel’s Quasi-Socialist-Dictatorship just yet. 2016 will be remembered as the year that we finally stood up to the tyranny of political correctness in an Aussie Spring.

You were too stupid to realise that you had already won. We don’t have a white Australia policy. Women have the vote. Times are tough, but we enjoy higher wages and a better than average standard of living than most nations. But you couldn’t be satisfied with somewhat constructive and measured old school leftism. You had to go down the Cultural Marxist route, and there was no turning back.

You people created Tony Abbott, Pauline Hanson, Nigel Farage, and Donald Trump. You people inspired Brexit. You made Andrew Bolt. You created Gavin McInnes, Mark Steyn, and Milo yiannopoulos…you are the reason for XYZ.

You are the inspiration for it. Not any of the issues that you are fanatically obsessed with. Our beef is with the opportunistic enablers who use their alchemy to create new problems and divisiveness out of thin air.

If you’d just occasionally recognise the merits of 5 minutes of dignified silence instead of this incessant irrational social justice hysteria, we’d literally be stuck for things to write about. If you stopped for a day, Eh?Nonymous would probably be writing a travel blog instead of what you’re reading right now.

You were the ones who made this bed of madness, and now you must lie in it.

We are your Frankenstein’s monster, and the good people of Australia have finally realised that all of the destabilisation and divisiveness isn’t the fault of the misunderstood monster, and are slowly turning their torches and pitchforks toward the troublemaking Cultural Marxist scientists who created him.

It’s your XYZ…

Photo by cedarsx