Bolt to interview Milo


A great event in Australian political and television history will occur today. Australian journalist Andrew Bolt, who has been steadfast for years in calling out socialist policy and propaganda, will be interviewing the rising star of the Western revolt against the socialist elites, Milo Yiannopoulos, on Sky News at 7pm.

Yiannopoulos first rose to prominence as a writer for tech site The Kernal, where he covered the Gamergate controversy. Since being picked up by XYZ inspiration, Breitbart News, he has shot to superstar status with his provocative but incisive articles on the failings of feminism and socialism, in pointing out that as a homosexual, he is f—ing terrified of muslim immigration, and by conducting a speaking tour of US colleges where he has attracted equal measures of exuberant support and rabid opposition. (One can only imagine what would happen were Milo to tour Australia.)

As The XYZ pointed out yesterday, both journalists have been the recent subjects of violent intimidation for expressing their views. The conversation promises to be fascinating, and if Bolt’s blog page is anything to go by, his readers are champing at the bit to tune in.

To give a taste of what you can expect tonight, here is a video of Milo giving the shortest, but best, lecture in American college history.

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