Food for thought – Smashing the PC cartels

Cartoon by Ryan Fletcher
Cartoon by Ryan Fletcher

We are officially down to the last 48 hours until election day 2016 in Australia, and the liberal media is frantically pumping out news stories that favour the PC narrative (naturally intended to influence your vote).

Going by the vibe of what I’ve seen; BREXIT is evil incarnate, supporting traditional marriage is terrorism, Australian flag is racist, Islam is being victimised by “Nazis” and Tony Windsor is a political centrefold (according to their ABC).

Can I vomit yet?

My two cents worth; BREXIT result was brilliant (I applaud Britain’s return to the cause for the Commonwealth), the rainbow mafia can have as many Raelian “marriages” as they wish, burning the national flag should be illegal, Islamofascists are Nazis, and Windsor has been dead to me ever since he supported Gillard.

Australia is at a cross roads. We either turn Left into the socially engineered virtue signalling of offended limp-wristed minorities, or we turn right to the honouring of our heritage (rather than hating of it).

This election, cleaning up our own backyard is a priority, because for far too long we’ve been under the Green Left thumb of migrant hoarding and cultural terrorism by critical theory.

Reinforcing the bridges between Anglosphere countries is important, as the increasing affliction by the Dar al-Islam and the regressive Left poses a genuine risk to Western civilisation.

It’s time to cast a vote this election for a voice that will rip into the PC elite who oppose Australia for Australians, for the superiority of our constitutional monarchy, and opportunity for those willing to put in the hard-yakka for a greater Australia.

This election, vote to reject the Left’s agenda of divide and conquer, by supporting a party whose mission is to imbue the notion of one people, one nation and one flag within our national narrative.

Vote for the comparable Trump torchbearer on the ballot this Saturday.

Food for thought.