Food for thought – The seal of appeal

Cartoon by Ryan Fletcher
Cartoon by Ryan Fletcher

In a time when America is battling through an election cycle, we too face a federal battle at the ballot box. Consistently the polls prosper Donald Trump in the U.S, but we here face a far more dismal set of “options” in regards to the rainbow republican leadership of the “major parties” (as all of which figuratively face the Qibla and perform salat ad nauseam daily).

Hence when Newspoll Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull delivered this line yesterday in an address to the media, it was clear who the establishment Goliath had sized up as it’s Aussie David (as it were). PM Turnbull stated:

“Pauline Hanson is, as far as we are concerned, not a welcome presence in the Australian political scene,”

Essentially the man who axed our conservative PM Tony Abbott (in order to enrich his own “progressive” ego) has reverse-marketed an endorsement for Pauline Hanson as the vote against his politically correct government. As one ABC pundit said of Turnbull he’d make a great “potential leader for a Labor/Green coalition”.

Pauline Hanson has way more in common with Donald Trump than merely having featured in a version of The Apprentice. Both come from business backgrounds, both have an iconic allure, both are hated by the establishment and both have similar nationally centric “common-sense” policy platforms (often regarded as being populist in nature).

While admittedly Ms Hanson has no intention of being Prime Minister this election, she certainly represents the voice of the “good old days” (as Trump would say). As the PC crowd infects every level of governance in this country, it should be of little surprise that voters may want the return of a representative that’d sooner smash anarchists with an iron fist than molly-cuddling their riotous actions in the streets.

Can Pauline make Australia great again?

Food for thought.