Five lessons from the flag burning


By Lucas Rosas

If you’ve seen the photos of black-masked thugs burning Australian flags on the weekend, you’ve probably realised that our friends on the left have helpfully decided they wanted to alienate about three quarters of the population again.

Everyone who watched the news on any channel on Sunday, or looked at the front cover of the Herald Sun on Monday, seems to be furious at the indecent and treasonous behaviour displayed by the Australian left.

Personally I can’t stop laughing.

Here are five reasons why:

1. The True Blue Crew are much smarter than the Reds.

I don’t know if it was intentional or just a happy accident, but if the object was letting the left make fools of themselves, the way the day panned out really couldn’t have gone better.

The True Blue Crew, a group about which I admit I know little, announced they were going to hold a rally outside parliament in Melbourne. This almost guaranteed a left-wing extremist counter-protest. They consider Melbourne their heartland, and holding a march celebrating the Australian flag smack bang in the middle of it, made it almost a certainty that they would use their time worn tactic of showing up an hour or so before the patriot rally, to squat in the proposed rally site.

Which is exactly what happened: about two hundred reds and other assorted dregs camped out in front of parliament, and were soon surrounded and dwarfed by twice as many heavily armoured riot police.

When the flag march approached parliament and was met by this insurmountable obstacle, rather than attack the police lines they quite sensibly redirected to a backup rallying point that, judging from video evidence and whispers on the grapevine, seems to have been in the works either from the beginning or as soon as the Marxists made their obstructionist objectives known.

The Marxists were left inside their cordon to chant “Racist” to themselves, while the two dozen or so anarchists immediately went rogue and started looking for a way to get attention and bash people.

Meanwhile the supposed “Racists” heard speeches from a Sri-Lankan born pastor, had their march led by an Australian born Vietnamese man, and was entertained by Maori attendees doing an impromptu Haka. All of this was caught on video and has been watched thousands of times.

It couldn’t have gone better if it had been planned that way, and I suspect that it was.

2. ANTIFA is hilariously counter-productive

The black-clad masked and hooded Anarchist group whom, despite considerable evidence to the contrary, actually consider themselves to be the heroes of the Australian working class, had themselves a fine old day.

Their activities included:

a) Burning Australian flags in front of cameras from seemingly every Australian television network and many of the newspapers, sending that image into every lounge room in middle Australia.

b) Abusing and attacking police, also in front of the Australian media.

c) Attacking a photographer from the usually leftist-friendly Fairfax press.

d) Gang bashing what looked to be a completely uninvolved innocent bystander out for a walk, chasing him through Carlton Gardens, before pulling him to the ground and collectively stomping on his head in full view of what seems to have been a horrified ABC camera crew.

They then went home and proclaimed the day to be a great victory.

If I didn’t know any better, I’d swear the Patriot march actually paid people to dress up and act like idiots to discredit the left.

3. The Marxists are starting to get tired of the Anarchists.

In a hilarious parallel to one of the funnier parts of the Spanish Civil War, the Red part of the Red-Black alliance seems to be tiring of the juvenile antics of their comrades.

It could be seen on social media and in the comment sections of some of the smellier parts of the internet, that in the aftermath of yet another glorious victory that built exactly zero support from the general community, some members of the progressive crusade against the evils of Aussie pride had noticed that mainstream ALP voting leftist types were being increasingly put off the magnificent struggle, by all the flag desecration and masked violence.

One man who seems to have toddled down from the Socialist rally even tried to dissuade the flag burners, and make clear to every media outlet in the vicinity [and boy there were a few] that these anarchists had nothing to do with the wider anti-patriotic rally down the road.

This of course does nothing to deter the Anarchists, who care nothing for the opinions of the plebs whose interests they claim to represent. Such criticism is brushed off as the mewling of frightened weaklings, who have failed to understand that the deeper struggle for revolution involves gang bashing innocent bystanders, while pissing off a majority of the population.

Marxist groups in Australia rely on these protests to recruit and sell newspapers, and the slowly declining attendances have begun to be noticed.

The Anarchists have been messing with the Reds’ bread and butter.

Any student of history or the extreme left knows where this is likely to be headed, and it’s sure to be comical.

4. Australian journalists are incompetent idiots.

Every time there is a violent protest of any kind, the representatives of the left get interviewed by print, radio and television press.

And every single time, the interviewing journalists fail to do research at all, even something as simple as a Google search.

The media spokeswomen on Sunday for the Marxist organised protest outside parliament were Debbie Brennan and Vishta Kenway.

Debbie is the creature with the American accent you probably saw on the news, or heard on 3AW trying to justify the flag burners.

She’s also a long time activist with some of the loopiest radical feminist and Communist grouplets in Australia, has written regularly for the Green Left Weekly and has organised violent protests against Christian groups.

Vashti Kenway is a member of the National Executive of Socialist Alternative, and a regular contributor to their journal, Red Flag. She has also been involved in organising numerous violent protests and has extremist views that would make the face of the average CFMEU member screw up in revulsion.

Of course, instead of mentioning any of this the press, across the board, describes them as “anti-racist campaigners”, “pro-diversity” activists, or in fact anything other than what they are: totalitarian extremists who want to destroy everything which has made Australia into the wonderful country that it is.

And it happens again, and again, all over Australia every time violent leftist thugs want to silence those they disagree with.

I used to think this was bias on the part of the mostly left leaning Australian press, but the more I’ve gotten to meet and socialise with journalists over the years, the more the truth has become apparent: They’re just not very good at their jobs.

I’ve had drinks with journalists in countries where journalists regularly disappear. No matter how much I disagreed with their politics, I could always respect them.

In contrast, I’m amazed the clowns we have in Australia can tie their shoes in the morning.

5. The Mask trick is working.

Ever since the privileged children of the upper-middle classes decided that what they really wanted to do on weekends, was to find an excuse to beat up ignorant Bogan proles who had the temerity to disagree with them, they have dressed in black and worn masks.

And for as long as they have done so, the police have either stood by and let them, as we saw in the anti-Halal protests attended by XYZ’s very own Ryan Fletcher, or allowed them to get off with a slap on the wrist, due to the problems of prosecuting a case against someone wearing a mask in a group of others wearing masks.

The media has ignored this, and politicians have shown themselves not to care less.

Until the rally in Melton late last year – where members of the True Blue crew started masking up en masse as well.

All of a sudden it was an outrage! How dare these people wear masks to hide their identity!

And now laws are being passed to make it very difficult to wear masks at protests.

For patriots, this means a few people with sensitive jobs might have to stay at home to avoid leftist stalking.

For the group that calls itself ANTIFA it will be crippling. The average anarchist life-stylist loves the idea of being a part of a faceless pack of hooded thugs, intimidating and beating anyone weak enough or isolated enough to attack.

When forced to face their victims, not as a faceless mask but as Tristan the Arts student from Brunswick, or Gerald the moustachioed Barista from Glebe, their enthusiasm is likely to be slightly dampened.

And while many mainstream Australians dislike seeing patriots wearing our flag as a mask, anything which impedes the disgusting thugs who attack any patriot who speaks up is a definite positive.

And finally: All these five lessons together illustrate a larger one: The left can be beaten.

Not because they aren’t strong; not because they don’t have their tentacles deep in the establishment; not because the press are suddenly going to wake up and become competent professionals; and not because those in power are suddenly going to start listening to the people.

It’s because the left are so myopic, so stuck in their little bubble where everyone thinks and acts exactly like themselves, that it borders on abject stupidity.

That’s why, despite my love for our flag, I don’t mind seeing it burn. Nothing else cuts through the leftist narrative with middle Australia more.

And these privileged, coddled children are so blind, they don’t even see it.

Lucas is a former soldier and current hedonist reclining supine beside a pool in a tropical paradise with a cocktail as the sun sets on Western civilisation. He likes hats.