The Irony of the Left


Today I was speaking with an 18 year old German hippy leftist.

She asked me about my thoughts on Aborigines. An odd question, and worded poorly, she however dragged me into a political discussion, specifically commenting on how we (white Australians) have ruined their way of life and culture and caused their thinning numbers.

I am pleased to say that my logic prevailed when I asked her “how am to be guilty for the actions of others who weren’t my relatives in a time when exploration was the way of life?” I further added, asking: “what would you do to fix the problem?” In response to my questions only silence prevailed. All she had was hot air with no solution.

The discussion then turned to refugees, with the young German woman saying that more countries need to take in more refugees. I then asked her why must countries that are not safe and others that are not neighbouring take in refugees? For example, Why are African, Middle Eastern etc refugees who are supposedly fleeing from danger not stopping at the first safest location, but are instead risking life and traveling astounding distances to the West?

I explained that if I were needing to get out of dodge with my family I would get them to a safe haven as quickly as possible and subject them to the risk of further travel. But then again I’m not an economical refugee window shopper.

Clearly not giving up on her ideological mission, my German friend asserted that the world would be a better place if there were no countries, to which I called her on her hypocrisy. My patience had hit it’s limit – granted Melbourne traffic has shortened that.

“Hang on”, I said. “How can you want no countries and yet be talking about Aborigines losing their culture? Either people keep their culture or you sacrifice it in order to have your nation-less, border-less Utopia. You cannot have both.” Again no reply.

It is precisely this thought process held by many young and impressionable who follow the propaganda of the left that frustrates me. They yell and cry about issues with no solutions, constantly contradicting themselves.

Why not come out with the truth and say what you really want: That all humans beings take one big collective pill.