The Right is constantly losing ground on the social media front


ee33b40c2ee91c72d252440dee4a5b97e772ebdd1cb5114093_640_Social-mediaRecently the government has released all children who had previously been in onshore detention. This was the first piece of information I had received from the Liberal Facebook page since Turnbull did his backstabbing. Before that I had a constant flow of information daily from the page.

When I read the post the Liberals commented on children in detention from the Rudd/Gillard era. That’s where I stopped and though, hang on… didn’t the ALP just let everyone in and those in detention were from when Abbott got into power? Even I, a grumpy old cynic, had been bombarded by the “left let people be free, right lock them up” to the point where I didn’t believe the comment of the Libs saying the children were from the ALP reign.

Since the flow of information has dried up from the Liberal page, I had forgotten I had been following them at all. This is a good indication as to why the right are losing the younger impressionable vote. They can’t social media!

You look at any stupid campaign from the left: gay marriage, NZ flag/republic, vegan anything, global warming/cooling/changing/whatever-they-decide-next-week, GMO, refugees, Islam doesn’t kill, Kony! (Although that last one I am not sure which side of the fence that was but it was a useless cause as by the time everyone was harping on about it, he was long out if the picture for Ugandan power) -They all can spin words and images to a point where the general population of the internet will follow along.

While there is a joke that everything you read on the internet is true; the scary thing is that if it is dressed up pretty enough and backed by a late night talk show comedian it will be taken as the word of God! No need for actual proof of the claim, whatever it may be. And yes I realise the irony of my statement on the internet.

Liberals and the right (well proper right as I feel under the helm of turncoat, it’s more centre left now for policies and general inaction… But that’s a rant for another day) must appeal to the young blood. The socialists and greens can, and they do, and do it at the most impressionable stage of life, when the human brain is still developing, through educational institutions and then support it in the arena where the young spend most of their time – looking into the window of the social networks.

The right of politics are like the old men of business on the Retravision board. Still stuck in their ways and not adapting to change until the boat had already sunk. There is (was in Retravision’s case,) great potential to really take the market (in this case the country,) to make it a beacon of Western culture and freedom, ie, proper freedom – none of that “I will let you do whatever you want because you’re not white/male/Christian and persecute the afore mentioned group” freedom that I feel is current in society. If only the Liberal party acted in the best interest of the nation and her people instead of feebly clawing for votes it could be that beacon.

Make the hard decisions, improve life, TELL PEOPLE WHAT AND HOW YOU ARE DOING IT! Be the strong counter to the unintelligent Green/Labour argument that is poisoning the web, and in turn the next generation.

Plan for the future. Not just the next election.

And if I had a mic this is when I would drop it.