Does Barbie a wife beater make?


In November 2015, the apologists for genocide, the Australian Greens, launched a Senate inquiry into the role children’s toys and entertainment play in perpetuating gender stereotypes and domestic violence.

Obviously, this is a very complicated issue with strong arguments on both sides.

The XYZ asked a representative from both sides of the argument to put forward their case.

Rhonda S identifies as a female domestic violence victim, and works part time as a telephone sanitiser:

For: “It started when I was seven, when my older brother used to beat me with my own Barbie doll. When I got a little sister, I perpetuated the cycle of violence on to her, beating her systematically with my entire barbie doll collection, whenever my parents were out, over the course of four years. As an adult, I was never really satisfied with a partner until I found someone who identifies as Ken, and he beats me with his toy porsche every night before I go to sleep. I can’t climax unless I’m being whipped with a fold up Barbie mansion. I tried going to a shelter once, but they kicked me out when I wallpapered my entire room in hot pink. They told me I was gendering the other inmates. So I went back to “Ken.” I don’t think I’ll ever leave again. I prefer it this way.”

Bob drives a truck:

KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAAgainst: “I don’t know why someone would think a Barbie could spark domestic violence. I mean, the pink is just gross, and that Ken has a face you just want to punch, but seriously, why would I beat a woman just because barbie is hot. Yeah that’s right, Barbie is super, super hot. Those legs. Woah. But just how stupid do you think I am? Really, I want you to look me in the eye and tell me you think I am stupid. I am a man, which means I have depth perception and spacial awareness. Just like I instinctively know how much room I have to the side and behind when I parallel park, I can look at a Barbie and take in the proportions at a glance, and understand that it is make believe. Once I looked at a barbie for an hour straight. Sure, I was a little turned on, but I didn’t feel like beating a woman any more than when I started. Ladies and gentlemen of the Senate Inquiry, if you believe Barbie leads to domestic violence, you have rocks in your head.”

If you are interested in a similar, slightly less rigorous discussion on this issue, you can do further reading in this article.

Photo by Sebastyne