It’s time to go the full Bernice, Bernie


Poor old Bernie Sanders. He’s slipping behind in the Democrat primaries. The way things are going his Corbyn-esque Socialist agenda is not going to get beyond the barrier presented by Hilary Clinton. That is, unless Bernie finds a new campaign and strategy. And fast.16702549983_39be228dc7_bernie-sanders

And that’s where we come in with some gratuitous, free political advice. For we have an observation based on some relatively reliable empirical evidence. If the comrades aren’t rallying around the red flag in the numbers required Bernie, then we say it’s time to hit go on the ultimate publicity generating masterstroke and “transition.”

This week the Wachowski brothers (no we’ve never heard of them either) decided they were now the Wachowski sisters and bingo! They’re splashed over front pages and first or second mention on the nightly news all over the world.

So Bernie, it’s time to slap on the foundation, apply the lipstick, find some high heels and a lengthy black dress, accessorize of course, and insist on being addressed as Bernice, or perhaps Brenda if you will – at the very least female or gender neutral pronouns only henceforth.

Just look at what it did for Bruce Jenner’s career! And if that doesn’t convince you Bernie (sorry Bernice) we have just one word for you – Tootsie!