“Knuckle Dragging” Pollies – Quote of the Day


Today’s quote of the day comes from a conversation on the Catallaxy Files Thursday Forum.  And here it is:

#1978279, posted on March 17, 2016 at 12:34 pm

“The last thing you need is some knuckle-dragging right-wing Liberal senators inflicting their own narrow view of the world upon the kids and the teenagers and the schools of Australia,” Mr Shorten said.

That is the most amazing bit of double-speak I’ve seen come out of Shortens pie hole.

Conservatives want to stop school kids from being introduced to sexual themes while Shortens mob want to actively rub it in their faces. Yet in lefty logic it is the conservatives who are “inflicting their own narrow view of the world upon the kids” not the p3do crew.

What a illogical cockhead Shorten is.

Thanks goatjam – ain’t that the truth.

XYZ Quote of the Day, 17 March 2016