Food for thought – Double D degeneracy

Cartoon by Ryan Fletcher
Cartoon by Ryan Fletcher

Today’s announcement that the government is prepared to take the nation to a double dissolution election is a testament to how pathetically useless these quislings in the Islamo-centric rainbow republican establishment are at governing our country.

With a rising prospect of multiple wars pertaining to resources, religion, politics and the economy gaining momentum, it appears these cappuccino clasping creeps are yet again casting the country to the revolving door of limp-wristed governance.

Once upon time in this country governments lasted longer than a gold-fish memory span, and managed to follow through (to some degree) with their agenda for the country.

Considering the Honourable John Winston Howard, OM, AC governed Australia for over ten years, it is almost bewildering to see where Australia’s state of affairs sit presently, less than a decade after Mr. Howard left office.

Overwhelmingly politicians are pandering to these trendy ticks in the media, who manipulate public opinion in favor of vomit-inducing causes. With many apathetic voters drawing their political awareness from these flaccid rejects, it is becoming almost impossible to secure leadership that will facilitate the hard yards for opportunity and credible infrastructure to prevail.

Clearly what Australia needs is a leader willing to get creative with killing the cat, feeding the chooks and draining the swamp. We need to either summon Sir Joh Bjelke-Petersen from the grave or get Sam Kekovich into the top job (and fast)!

Food for thought.