Want Safer Schools? Ditch the ‘Safe’ Schools Program


eb30b70d2efc1c3e81584d04ee44408be273e7d31bb3174592f6_640_safe-schoolFinally some good news.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has sought a review of the controversial tax payer funded ‘safe schools’ program.

The program, whilst marketing itself under the guise of an anti-bullying program, is only focused on one issue: Indoctrinating (I mean ‘educating’) children on the finer points of Queer Theory. All of this without seeking the consent of parents.

Bullying is an issue at schools, and it is appropriate that schools address this problem. What is not appropriate is for school programs to meddle in the sexual and gender development of children and to furthermore mislead parents, teachers and the broader community by claiming that this is simply about making schools ‘safe’.

One wonders how safe schools will be for children who simply cannot subscribe to the Queer Theory that this program utilises to shape and form children. To hold a belief that boys are boys and girls and girls is not bullying. And it doesn’t make schools ‘unsafe’. Indoctrinating children, what’s more without the knowledge or consent of their parents is profoundly unsafe, and unethical.

Should the program remain in some shape or form following the Prime Minister’s review – the name ‘Safe Schools’ program needs to be dropped. It is at the very least dishonest, if not misleading about the true purpose of the program.