The media has gone full retard


imageThe XYZ was born out of a sense of frustration at the corruption of the once beloved and respectable ABC. Among the team of contributors, there is a general sense that the ABC in its former incarnation was a valuable national asset, highly adept at its remit of being a unifying force, a national broadcaster providing an independent, unbiased and non commercial alternative to the competing commercial radio and television networks. How times change.

Like so many institutions, the ABC has been infiltrated and groomed, perverted toward biased activism masquerading as news – all at the public expense. Sadly, this malaise is not restricted to the ABC. We are of the opinion that academia has been twisted, like the ABC, into a parody of itself. And more disturbingly, the left wing so-called progressives are hurriedly running backward into a regressive world view which bears striking resemblance to so many ideologies they purport to oppose.

When a counterpoint to the accepted orthodoxy is presented, and a frenzied mob rise up to shout it down and demand retribution, I simply cannot reconcile this with a progressive world view. This example could equally well relate to the recent migrant centre riot instigated by a girl in the west who no longer chose to wear the hijab. It could relate to the basketballer who wore a “blackface” fancy dress costume, it could relate to Tony Abbott speaking at an event in the USA, it could relate to Germaine Greer expressing a view and so forth. To be succinct, the left has become overtly intolerant of anything which falls out of the scope of their world view. Hell, they are even eating their own who are not progressive enough by some ever twisted standard.

Ladies and gentlemen, it is a formidable time when the very institutions which traditionally drive progress and hold power to account have gone rogue. Like a runaway truck on a steep slope, there is no institutional brake to stop this madness. The fail safe has been disengaged by the group thinking and public shaming of dissent from the perverse orthodoxy of the progressive left. Islam is guided by the final word of 6th century morality – just ask the Taliban, IS or your local Imam or Sheikh. The progressive left knows no bounds – as evidenced by the fact that Martin Luther King will soon be reviled as not inclusive enough in his dream.

As we lurch into self enforced segregation and freedom from speech in the name of progress, there is real reason to be afraid. When the best of our traditions are used to eradicate our values without mercy, who can stand up and stop the onslaught? The ABC cannot, as is self evident by the fact it is leading the vanguard. Academia cannot, for it is busy indoctrinating and shielding from counterpoints rather than churning out critical thinking. It would rather issue trigger warnings than trigger healthy debate. The Socratic Method is being crushed in a manner the Islamic world would approve. You may hold free spirited debate still, but you are all New Criminals, a moment away from a very Stalinist denunciation. Ask Professor Tim Hunt, Chris Gayle, Stephen Fry or any of the alumini of the regressive left’s Room 101.

It is for this reason we have instigated the XYZ, and cultural libertarians are emerging as a grass roots movement against the regressive left. The modern fascist calls themselves anti-fascist, and if you dissent, then you are a racist, fascist, islamophobic, misogynistic bigot.

I am Keating.