Quote of the Day: Advice for Garry Lyon


The creative process at The XYZ is truly a joy. It is an irony that an organisation dedicated to opposing speech suppression shows such discretion – For every pearler that makes it to press, there are plenty which we enjoy amongst ourselves. XYZ contributor Vic Timms provides plenty of the latter, and the following absolutely had to join the former:

3710624512_46716e5b34_Cow-poo“Garry Lyon’s getting dumped on because depression has been trumped by transgenderism in the Teflon playbook. (Indigeneity is still a wildcard if you’re the *left* kind of indigene, however.)

“Future footballing fornicators should take note: imagine the psychological contortions you’ll have to go through in five or 10 years when the next get-out-of-jail-free card turns out to involve sodomising livestock.”

XYZ Quote of the Day.

Photo by andym68

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