And Now a Flag for the Truly Self-Loathing

Flag by Ryan Fletcher.
Flag by Ryan Fletcher.

Flags that ‘celebrate’ one’s culture are so passe, so it’s imaginary-melted-ice-caps-high-tide time for a national flag that boldly and honestly expresses Australia’s current impulse of cultural and ethnic self-annihilation.

* Did you smugly defend a certain ‘cultural dance expression’ made last year to an otherwise peaceful footy crowd?

* Do you feel a constant nagging guilt for the colour of your skin? And is this exacerbated by the politically incorrect fact that many countries with a predominance of let’s say ‘pale’ people are so desirable to people of ‘other shades’ that they are ‘migrating’ (which is nothing whatsoever like ‘invading’) to them in their millions?

* Do you have an irrational desire to show “solidarity” with some of the world’s worst pathological killers in the hopes that they might just marry off your daughters to the highest bidder and compassionately enslave you rather than relieve you of your head with a blunt kitchen utensil?

Then have we got a flag for you!

It’s religiously informed, satisfyingly joyful (check out how happy that Greenie is) & even sports a picture of a dead white guy. What more could a professionally offended cultural elite ask for?

It’s your XYZ.