Food for thought – I’m Sir Les, and so is my wife

Image edited by Ryan Fletcher
Image edited by Ryan Fletcher

On this day before Australia Day eve I reflect upon the onslaught which faces us from those perpetually offended operators in the outrage industry. In the U.S. Cultural Marxists have succeeded at infecting the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences with their agenda for “diversity” quotas.

By 2020 the Oscars deliberations will be formulated by representation from minority groups based on gender, race, sexual orientation and those gravitating around the pinko pulpit of oppression worthiness.

For common-sense comfort I consulted the wise lingo of a great Australian icon who has served as (among many positions) Minister for the “Yartz”, Cultural ambassador to the United States, Cultural Attaché to the Court of St James’s and Cultural Attaché to the Far East.

Sir Les Patterson always followed the advice of his mother that you “never trust a man who doesn’t drink”, however I would think that our prolific Cultural Attaché would have reservations about drinking the Cultural Marxist Kool-Aid.

Sir Les aptly summed up Australia’s cultural prowess by stating “we’ve got more culture than a penicillin factory”. In referring to the outrage industry, which is made up of the rainbow coalition (among others), Sir Les would openly call it for what it is a “poof mafia” (or “poofia” as he called it).

I’d imagine for those Leftists engaged in the desolate warfare for narrowly defined groups of offended minorities, Sir Les’s “up front all the bloody time” approach would act as a verbal slap over the head.

So in the same vein as the movie Spartacus I say “I’m Sir Les,” and in the same vein as the Life of Brian I’ll add “and so is my wife” (Lady Fletcher, wherever she may be).

Food for thought.