The Sound of Silence


14690988398_9c1fbe4172_Islamic-state-flagSomewhere in the hell that has become the city of Raqqa since Islamic State fantatics captured it, a woman dressed in a burqa was tortured, and in some other reports then executed, for breastfeeding her screaming child in public, albeit beneath the burqa and out of the view of passers-by. Another woman was tortured because her niqab was too transparent, and another because her shoes were not black enough. Others have been summarily executed for wearing veils of the wrong colour. One of the victims says, with good reason, “my femininity has been destroyed completely.” Even so, she is verifiably better off than the Yazidi girls kept in brothels by other (Islamic) women, to be raped daily by Islamic State fighters.

This real and actual abuse, this abhhorent misogyny, produces from feminists in the West…. a yawn.

Fearless Australian feminist Clementine Ford did, however, bravely have a man who called her ‘a slut’ sacked from his job. And western feminists across the world are very concerned about the disparity in pay between men and women in some professions. One might expect they will get around to condemning a religion and a ‘state’ that tortures women for breastfeeding in public, or for wearing the wrong colour clothes or shoes, and which keeps women from a minority group as sex slaves for their men. But the sound of silence sure is very deafening. by theglobalpanorama