Islamic takeover of Europe – “about to go violent”


American video blogger ‘Wild Bill’ argues that the Islamic takeover of Europe is “about to go violent”.

Young military age immigrants from Syria, Afghanistan and elsewhere have been pouring into Europe by the hundreds of thousand over the last few month. Despite the news reports that always seem to show groups women and children seeking asylum, the truth is that the vast majority of recent immigrants have been young men.

It is becoming increasingly well known that mosques are not simply places of worship, such as churches, but are used as political and strategic outposts to stage war. How many examples of terrorist attacks, riots and killings have taken place immediately after Friday prayers? Too many to number.

Wild Bill argues that while the indigenous people of Europe have allow themselves to become disarmed, mosques have been stockpiling weapons for years, waiting for the right time to launch a violent assault on the people of Europe.

It is the suicidal urges of liberalism, its self-loathing and hatred of western culture and achievements which has captivated leaders in politics and the media and has invited this kind of showdown for civilisation.

As Wild Bill says: “Europe is at the fight or die stage.”

If this is the case, let us pray that Europe snaps out of its slumber, and fights to defend its people, the innocent and vulnerable, and its freedom and liberty. Otherwise Europe may be looking down a new dark age.

It’s the XYZ.

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