Daddy, I want to be a pig!


Peppa the Pig, the lovable cartoon character screened on the ABC is leading Muslim children astray and enticing them to be pigs when they grow up.

As this concerned Muslim father states:

“I want to talk today about a very important issue that we as Muslims face… when I was praying in my prayer room, my youngest child Abdullah came up to me and was telling me ‘Daddy I want to be a pig!’…. So I go downstairs and see the haramest thing I have seen during day light; it was this! Some of you may have seen this abominable creature before, this Peppa Pig! Haram Pig!… My son used to want to be a doctor and now he wants to be a pig now!”

Check out the video of the concerned Muslim father below, and enjoy!

It’s the XYZ (100 percent haram)

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