Climate Desperation Reaches its Climax


The poor old climate change carpetbaggers are truly desperate now. They don’t know what they want.

Even as one prophet of doom, Paul Ehrlich, whose litany of failed prophecies and dud predictions would make even Professor Tim Flannery blush, presses on with his 1967 argument about the “Population Bomb”, some randy economists predict that the rising temperatures (which aren’t rising at all and haven’t for 18 years now) will result in less procreation and less people to pay less taxes to pay for the climate disasters they fantasize about. So which is it – too many people, or too few?

The abject stupidity of the ‘climate change will kill your sex life’ argument, eagerly lapped up by the near broke (and for good reason) Sneering Morning Herald, which has considerable trouble distinguishing activist bullshit from actual news, is easily disproved by the fact that fertility rates are very high in some of the hottest

climate change photo
Photo by John Englart (Takver)

parts of the world (Africa, the Middle East) and clearly unaffected by temperature, rising or not. The solution suggested by the “researchers” cited in the piece of dross linked to below is to buy an air conditioner – seriously!

One thing we do know, reading this. The climate clowns are desperate, and resorting to playing the sex card. one of the longest and most earnest hoaxes ever perpetuated on a global scale may soon be reaching its climax.

Link: How climate change could ruin your sex life

Photo by John Englart (Takver)